Antoine Dodson, made famous from a news video in which he encountered an intruder in his sister’s bedroom (see below), recently posted a video on YouTube. But this time, it’s serious.

In the video, Dodson is literally crying out for help, saying, “God, where are you? I’m trying my best to be this good person, and you know, do the right thing and stuff. But I just feel like life is just knocking me down. Everywhere I turn, I just get hurt.”

The new father, in tears, explains how he’s not wanted by family, that he is confused and believes he’s on the verge of having a nervous breakdown.

Watch the tearful video above.


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5 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Antoine Dodson? YouTube Sensation Releases Tearful Video Crying Out for Help

  1. Provinces of Pakistan are further divided into Districts.
    And when you think about it, isn’t achieving that objective a large of what B2B social
    media stands for. Gout is a disease more frequent in males (95% of cases) usually
    manifests between 30 and 50 years.

  2. really on said:

    Really I live in the ssme area as he do. When he had money to take some strain off his life, all he did was smoke weed and run his mouth. Was arrested twice. God will forgive him, but why the video?

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