01/03/14- Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Natalie Wilson, co-founder and CEO of Black and Missing Foundation, about the latest surrounding Teleka Patrick‘s disappearance.

4 thoughts on “Natalie Wilson: ‘I Want People to Remember That [Teleka] is Still Missing’

  1. So it WAS a frantic search for a “Missing Medical Student” and now since it’s been revealed she has a “Mental Illness”, SO it’s been grossly downgraded based solely on an ex-husband who should have had enough decency to speak about her with more compassion, instead making her seem like a monster and an overpaid pastor who just HAD to let it be known she had a restraining order against her. Due to her mental illness she’s been cast aside? It’s no longer a big deal? No wonder people try to hide the fact that they are on anti-depressants. They realize it will automatically dehumanize them from the people on the outside. ie: police, ex-husbands, and the media and that when they need our help, we ridicule them and conclude: “Oh she’s crazy! She’ll turn up. She probably got herself into some trouble BECAUSE she’s crazy.” Sad no matter how you look at it.

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