A teacher at Fairfield Freshman School in New Mexico was suspended without pay earlier this week for racially-insensitive comments.

According to reports, Gil Voigt told an African-American student to forget his dreams of becoming president of the United States one day because “we don’t need another black president.”

“He was talking to some students and said some things that were racially insensitive,” said Board President Dan Murray. “We take diversity in our school district very seriously with tolerance of people who are different. We just felt this teacher had crossed the line,” Murray said.

This isn’t the first time Voigt has been reprimanded for racially-charged remarks. Journal-News reports he was given “a verbal warning in April 2008 for an ‘inappropriate racial comment,’ another in November 2008 for ‘improper use of school technology’ and a third in December 2013 for ‘inappropriate comments to students.’ He also received a written warning last month for ‘failure to use adopted curriculum.’”

Superintendent Paul Otten said it is “very disheartened to have this situation with any of our staff members.”

“It’s not something we’re proud of, and it’s something we must not tolerate,” he added.

There were no reports on when Voigt will return to teaching or if he’ll exercise his right to an appeal.

17 thoughts on “Teacher Suspended After Telling Student: ‘We Do Not Need Another Black President’

  1. So let me see here: a white man can make mistakes send people into a fake war and many historic events than white men have mess up YET folks still believe a white man can still be president and get respect; however if a black man make mistakes as president, ALL black men are now label as not being good enuf to be president? This sounds like the same BS that some want to say about blacks women, A white woman can cut your throat, con you out of your money because she appears nice and kick you to the curb when she gets what she wants; that white woman will still be viewed as a woman who has high standards; however, if a black woman wants a man to help pay rent and his child support (something he probably helped make), the black woman will be called a gold digger. Stupid.

  2. What I find most disturbing about this whole thing is, what has he said to his students that didn’t make the news. How many young minds has he damaged that we don’t know about. We know that for at least the past 5 years there have been problems with this so called teacher and I shudder to think how much damage he has really done. Just goes to show, no everyone is fit to teach. Parents of school aged children, please keep your eyes and ears open… If you see something, please say something…

  3. Bang215 on said:

    Teacher or not he’s entitled to his opinion. Malcolm X said “I have more respect for a man who let’s me know where he stands. Even if he’s wrong; than the one who comes up to me like an angel and is nothing but a devil.”

    • I agree. I have more respect of him than those who act like they like when in fact they hate you. Political correctness only makes people keep their TRUE feeling to themselves. There is a difference in “accepting” people compare to “tolerant”. Acceptance means to approve;tolerant means to “put up with”.

      • V Griffin on said:

        Amber, I’m just walking in from working. I was about to reply but you been handling business.

    • V Griffin on said:

      Your right, he’s entitled to his opinion. An opinion is like an _ss hole everybody has one. But he’s a school teacher, which is a state employee, who gets paid with tax payers dollars. Since F.I.C.A. and other state taxes we all pay, don’t discriminate every two weeks when all of us get our check so, he’s opinion is not getting paid his knowledge of the subject what he suppose to be teaching is what he’s there for. Since blacks pay taxes just whites, he needs to keep his opinion to himself or keep talking until he’s _ss out.

  4. George bush is blacker than Obama? Bush (both of them) failed to get any significant minority votes for his elections. Remember Kanye West’s rant? Let bush do what he wants in Africa, since he did NOTHING beneficial for Americans except send our soldiers to slaughter. The teacher had no right to say what he did. Other teachers tell children “you can even be president of the United States” (of course assuming there would never be a non-white option, but now there is), this idiot changed it to be race-specific? Singling out non-white children and basically telling them they can’t reach that level (of whites). It’s a bad message, it’s irresponsible for a teacher to show his personal views and racial bias and use it to diminish a child’s aspirations or possiblities for the future. WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER BIGOT TEACHER.

  5. There were photos of all the presidents and first ladies laughing at times, that one photo was singled out. Are you saying Bill Clinton is Blacker, the Bill Clinton who more than once pulled the race card during the 2008 primaries?

  6. V Griffin on said:

    RL, I couldn’t agree with you more. If you’re going to make a statement at least use the spell check on you’re phone. And if he was a Black Republican, most white people don’t want any African American over them on a job or in the white house. President Obama mother is a blonde hair white woman.

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