The moment we saw the promotional photo of gospel artist Erica Campbell, we knew somebody somewhere was gonna have problem with it.

And as they say, Stevie Wonder coulda told you that!

In any event, it seems that Mrs. Campbell is even coming under attack by her fans as well. The pic is from a photo shoot of her upcoming album that’s set to be released in March 2014.

Erica of course is one-half of gospel duo Mary Mary and she announced last year that she she was launching a solo career. As we previously reported, she already has a hit single called “A little More Jesus” which has been nominate for a Best Gospel Song Grammy.

Recently a preacher – who like anybody with eyes – couldn’t help but notice Erica’s ample curvy assets and just had to speak out about her on Facebook:

“THIS IS NOT OKAY. Yes, you are a beautiful, curvy woman … but NO MA’AM YOU ARE SINGING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Saints … smh COME ON.”

“Yes, you are a beautiful, curvy woman … but No ma’am you are singing the gospel of Jesus Christ,” wrote pastor Stacey Woods on the American Preachers site.

“We compel men to come through our love for Jesus, but when we wear things that are distracting, the message is somehow lost and it becomes about us and not about Him,” Woods also wrote.

On the other hand some on social media don’t have a problem with it. Lisa Holloway said:

”I think people especially Christians are too uptight. It’s nothing wrong with being a Christian and portraying sex appeal.”

You think that maybe if her hair extensions weren’t so long, no one would have noticed.

Anywho, women wearing clothes that that cause controversy with church folk is not a new subject. Before this dust up was the reaction to Megan Good’s dress at last summer’s BET Awards. Many felt it was inappropriate for the wife of a minister.

So what do you think? Is Erica’s photo inappropriate for a gospel artist?

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