There have been rumors for a few months that the guys in R&B supergroup TGT haven’t been getting along. Things became a little more apparent on the red carpet of the Soul Train Awards. Ginuwine was noticably absent and Tyrese made a slick comment about it and Ginuwine took to Twitter to answer his group member.

When Tank and Tyrese were asked where Ginuwine was, Tyrese replied that he was somewhere having “light skinned issues.” He tried to clean it up by joking about Ginuwine’s curl not being quite red carpet ready which resulted in Ginuwine staying home. Well, Ginuwine didn’t find the remark too funny, but tried to keep it cool when he made mention of his Soul Train absence on Twitter.

On Twitter, Ginuwine apologized for not being in attendance and then told Tyrese to stop talking smack because he is tired of hearing it. The “Stingy” singer tried to soften the blow by adding an “LOL,” there wasn’t anything humorous about that statement. Once people started catching on to the simmering tension within the group Ginuwine deleted the tweet.

Check out the tweets below.

Ginuwine Tyrese Diss.

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