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People do the strangest things for no apparent reason. A student at Pensacola State College was recently arrested for masturbating in the campus library while reading a book about NASA.

20-year-old student Alexander Tillman was handcuffed and booked this past Wednesday for exposing himself to another student in the library earlier in the month. According to the police report, a female student called campus police about Tillman pleasuring himself in the campus library a little before noon on November 6. The young woman said she made a seat on the floor and was studying when she noticed Tillman was keeping a close eye on her as he read a book about NASA.

The female student went on to say the young man then placed the book on the floor and began pleasuring himself into the pages of the book while maintaining eye contact with her. Alexander Tillman is then said to have held eye contact with the female student as he began walking towards her. Naturally, she was freaked out and ran out of the library to alert authorities. When police searched the premises on November 6, Tillman was nowhere to be found. However, the police lifted finger prints off the book Tillman was reading.

This past Wednesday, police found Tillman in the library and they con fronted him about the allegations. Alexander Tillman admitted to the crime once he was confronted and was placed under arrest. He’s been charged with third degree felony of aggravated assault and second degree misdemeanor sex offense. He’s currently being held on $2,750 bond.

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2 thoughts on “Man Arrested For Pleasuring Himself In College Library

  1. yaegerj on said:

    How about another story that tops this one. Police officer suspended with pay for masturbating in his patrol car on duty of course, while looking at a porno magazine, and saying some words like ” Let me suck those big $$$$$$”.

  2. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    Where are the white folks who are always complaining when black folks do stuff like this. They are playing the race card because they just comment on stuff when black folks supposebly commits crime to a white person or if they feel a black person is a burden to society by not contributing anything to society. This guy just went into a public library and committed all kinds of lewd acts.

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