If you look up the word “drama” there’s probably a picture of Kanye West along with the definition.

The latest example of West bringing the drama happened Tuesday morning when he appeared on the Sway in the Morning radio show (with Sway Calloway) on the Shade 45 channel on Sirius XM satellite radio.

Kanye was there to promote his Yeezus Tour when things went left. Keep in mind, Ye and Sway, who’s also an MTV fixture, are supposedly longtime friends (maybe Kanye forgot that). Anyway, they were discussing topics such as classism, billionaires, and the obstacles he (West) faces from corporations uninterested in funding his designs.

When Sway asked, “Why don’t you empower yourself … and do it yourself?” — it was on and poppin’.

“How Sway?!” West yelled.”You ain’t got the answers man! You ain’t got the answers Sway! I’ve been doing this more than you! You aint’ got the answers! You ain’t been doing the education … you trying to give me advice about something … you ain’t got the answers. You ain’t spent 13 million dollars of your own money trying to empower yourself!”

Uh oh, Calloway, who was obviously and rightfully agitated, fired back with: “You ain’t gotta turn up. This ain’t no f—in’ show … I’m talking to you as a homie,” he said. “I’m tryna understand your world because when I go to your concert, I’m curious about what you’re saying … You ain’t gotta turn up on me. Man to man, dog…f— these mics, we can turn all this s–t off. You an’t gotta do this, it’s cool. I love you bro … Don’t try to embarrass us.”

After a while, West cooled down and apologized before likening the verbal squabble to an argument between slaves; he then explained why he was buggin’.

“The thing that compresses me is time versus money,” West explained. “Integrity, money and relevance, because as I work on clothing more, I’m not rapping as much. [If] I’m not rapping as much…I’m not having as much finances, I’m losing relevancy. The relevancy is part of my power that allows my brand to be big.”

The same day he also gave a bizarre interview to Power 106’s “The Breakfast Club”. (Watch above)

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