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Chicago MC Lupe Fiasco doesn’t get the respect he deserves in the Hip-Hop game. This was evident when he was performing in Salt Lake City as part of his “Tetsuo and Youth Preview Tour.” A heckler decided that Fiasco performing was a great time to begin to throw tomatoes at the rapper. Needless to say, Lupe’s reaction wasn’t the most pleasant.

In the middle of performing his breakthrough solo hit “Kick, Push,” a fan threw a few tomatoes at Lupe Fiasco. Lupe stopped the show and waited for security to find the person. As security was searching the balcony seating, Lupe said to them over the microphone, “I know what she looks like – fat, white b***h. Find her.” As you would assume, Lupe refused to continue the show until  the heckler and any likeminded individuals were removed from the venue. “If there’s more people like that out there, I need them the f-ck out of here.”

Actually, Fiasco asked that the whole balcony of the venue be cleared, but when the audience seated in the balcony began screaming that they weren’t going to leave, Lupe walked off the stage and ended the show early. Right after the show, fans took to Twitter to blast the rapper for calling the heckler a “fat white b**ch.” He responded with a flippant attitude. He tweeted, “#FWB or #ChunkyFacedCaucasianFemale…I mean if she provided first and last name and address I could describe her more effectively.”

Well, alrighty then. Check the video out below.

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