11/22/13- Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Melissa Tapper about her documentary, “SUBJECTIFIED” that encourages women to be more comfortable talking about their sexual experiences.

3 thoughts on “Are You Comfortable Talking About Sex? Melissa Tapper Thinks You Should Be!

  1. on said:

    I listened to the show this morning … and boy, are some of our young adults lost. Talking about sex with your sex partner or a close friend has always been okay or the norm. But with this new generation and their tell-all and expose-all mentality, we seem to have given up on the notion of confidentiality and understanding that all things are not to be discussed and shared with all people. In my opinion, social media, and reality TV is taking us down a shameless road. Shame is good some times. Not wanting to share all things with all people is healthy. Contrarily, becoming an open book is not necessarily therapeutic — it presents its own stigma and neurosis. Let us continue with our private sex lives; let us take the time to learn and enjoy sex as individuals. This is not the 1950’s. We have become very open about sex. Let us retain some small morsel of privacy. Every thing doesn’t need to be expose and expanded upon ad nauseam. And for our young educated adults, looking for notoriety and fame, find a subject that actually add value and decency to our society. (Most importantly, heal thy self — finish your maturation before trying to school others.)

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