“Joss Carter”, the head lady in charge on the hit series “Person of Interest” played by actress Taraji P. Henson, was killed in Tuesday night’s episode to the dismay and shock of many fans.

In the episode, Carter sacrificed herself to save the life of “Reese” played by Jim Caviezel in a dramatic scene that left “Joss” to die in his arms.

Henson talked with Entertainment Weekly about her exit from the show, she explained:

“I always knew that we would have a beginning, a middle and an end. You don’t tell the audience “Hey, she’s not gonna last!” because that’s the whole surprise element, but that’s what’s so innovative about the show and that’s why I joined. We always knew we would do two, maybe three seasons.”

The actress holds no hard feelings about her violent exit from the show, she told EW it was “absolutely” the time for her character’s storyline to end.

So. what’s next for Ms. Henson? She told EW she plans on hitting the stage, saying, “The first thing I want to do is a play. I love theater, because that’s where I was trained. After I come off of a big project and I have space, I always go back to theater.”

48 thoughts on “Taraji P. Henson Killed Off of ‘Person of Interest’

  1. The dynamics have changed…I can`t watch it any more; it`s becoming too convoluted. The Reese female equivalent…The crazy nut. Honestly, they could have at least given the fans some closure as a lot of us wanted Reese and Cater together…she could have stayed on the show for another season, perhaps becoming more part of the team, really operating outside of the system and…fake kill her. I mean, Shaw faked her death…Why can’t the same be done for Carter. Unless I hear rumours of her coming back, I am not watching.

  2. dee luther on said:

    DCJ said it right. No matter how much we love the characters, this is still a TV show, people! ‘Life’ happens to the characters, just like in real life. Any show where a storyline doesn’t reflect real life (as opposed to “reel life”), is a weaker show, IMHO. But, afer we mourn the loss of one of our favorite characters, we need to move on just like the storyline in the show will. I still LOVE ‘POI’ & will absolutely continue to watch the show. It’s still must-see-TV for me on Tuesday nights.

    That said, as I have written elsewhere, there is a dearth of roles written for black actors. This comment is directed at all show developers & writers, and not directed solely at ‘POI.’ Might I suggest that actors of all ethnicities not be color-blind when auditioning, no matter what a script or treatment says (I’m sure you already know this) & more importantly, that writers write with an appreciation & reflection of all of society as it truly is today – many colors, many nationalities, and a plethora of storylines to be explored. Let’s really reflect our lives and not limit a story to just our “little piece of the world.”

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  4. POI was my favorite show and I thought the romance between Carter and Reese would begin after the bomb episode were it was strapped to his chest, but Finch got him out of. That was a perfect time for them to realize she could have lost him, and what it meant to her. I agree with Peter, after Carter’s death there is no redemption. It hurt me to my core….not only that but her getting shot because she wore no vest, when she knows she still is a target…that’s not like Carter. They threw in a mystery kiss between them and then killed her!! I was done.The storyline was messy a true POI fan knows this. Also everybody knows men zap out( Reese POI 3×10) when they have had a physical/emotional relationship with the women they became distance, but she is still his babe and he still her boo. So Reese going all cold and killing people over a “friend”(Carter) as he explained to Shaw in POI 3×3 confuses me. I hate to see what Reese would do if the shot the dog Bear… Unless they bring Carter back it’s a done deal for me. The writers said they always knew they would kill Carter they just didn’t know when. I’m like whatever, sure take 3 years to do it. What is the point of having POI fans if you don’t at least listen to them. The writers aren’t that good to keep me watching after that blunder….

    • I hate to burst your bubble bleezy….but all the persons of color on POI have had a bad ending. If you continue to watch that is fine. I’m not saying it is a race thing either. I have stopped watching because of the death of Carter. I’m saying Carter is dead(black), head of HR is locked up(black) and Carters ex-boyfriend is dead(black), so I can see how people would think that people of color don’t last long on POI. I’m just saying see both sides…

  5. beverly on said:

    Omg. I always wanted carter and john to be romantically involved, and when the kiss happen I was like oh exciting. Now to kill her off, I don’t feel like I can watch the show any more. It won’t keep my interest. Bring her back..

    • Cynthia Rice on said:

      You were the best Dect on the show and I was so upset with death of Carter. The only reason I started watching POI was I love Jim C so much. But we all fell in love with Carter and Reese and Harold. I will miss you Taraji so much. God Bless you.

  6. I was a loyal fan of Person of Interest and I am shocked that they would kill off Detective Carter. Unfortunately, I feel that this was a huge mistake that will cost the show many, many fans. Someone’s head needs to roll for that decision!

  7. Not only is Taraji a gifted actress but also is very astute about the “show” and the “biz” of the entertainment industry. Did you see her on the Letterman show the night after her character was killed? Dave asked Taraji (jokingly) “Why are you here? They killed your character…YOUR DEAD” Then Dave and Taraji shared a big laugh! Dave knows show biz bs when he sees it! You Go Girl!!

  8. Taraji P. Henson killed off on Person of Interest saddens me. She is a lovely woman and a fantastic actress. She kept the show going and I will miss her. I had hoped that she was not really killed and she would come back as an undercover cop. Best wishes to her, she will be missed.

  9. Well I really love Person of Interest and I love all of the main Characters. As a fellow black woman I enjoyed Taraji P Henson, however I would stop watching if John dies. I just love him. I will miss Carter and I hope the show doesn’t change much. It was actually perfect the way it was. Just my thoughts.

  10. We have so few shows that put black women in a positive light. I must say now that Taraji is no longer on the show I will no longer be watching. Because she was starring in the show was the only reason I started watching the show anyway. Although I’m glad Kerry is making her money but she had to sleep her way to the top by becoming the president’s mistress. I’m sorry that is not a role model for our young black women to follow. I feel the ratings are going to fall because our vote does count

  11. Why Carter why not the nut that talks to the machine. she was never any good in other thing she played in. CARTER, REESE ,HAROLD & FUSCO are the main actors. in short you screwed up beg time so I will not be watching ,P. O. I. anymore COWBOY FROM WESTCHESTER .IL

  12. Thank you for three wonder season. Unless Carter’s death is stage to get HR of her scent, I will not be watching next season I saw this coming when the crazy woman in the cell was brought back. I am very disappointed.

  13. Just watched person of interest can’t believe they killed my girl Ms.Henson. One of the main reasons I watched the show was her. My daughters love her also and are avid supporters of the show. I on the other hand am not jumping ship. While everybody is complaining nobody is looking at how the head of HR was a black man running all those different nationalities wasn’t that a shocker when that came to light. Also Jim C. is the reason the show does as good as it does. If black America just watched shows with black folks on them then we wouldn’t be watching a lot of Television. I watch game of thrones, and when first advertised I didn’t see any black people in the advertisements but I seen they had a story about a little girl who was hard and tough and these are things I teach my daughters so I was drawn to the story through her story line and then I got caught up in the rest of the show

    • Regarding Games of Thrones: I read the series and Martin actually has a lof of diversity in his world (blacks, hispanics, asians, caucasian, etc). HBO; however, changed this. Just to let you know, they replaced 2, I repeat 2 black women characters (who have somewhat of an important role) with 1 white woman. So…This is the issue with television nowadays. Although, British tv is more diverse. Unless they bring Carter back (the woman kicked ass), I`m not watching anymore.

    • They won’t I don’t believe. Carter didn’t have a real big role when the show started. However as HR’s role got to be a bigger storyline,so to did Carters character..The show couldn’t keep the HR storyline in for the duration of it’s existence. If they did then it would get old really fast..So that leads you to believe that she was their to bring down HR.Which she did.. She stated this in the interview they did with her and she also said she knew as did every other cast member that at any time their number could come up. She also knew that her character really couldn’t last without the HR tie b/c it was built to much around it. They might bring her back in Flashbacks but I don’t really think they will bring her back in any other way..It’s a shame that she to see her go but whats more a shame is the people throwing out the race card..Don’t understand why ignorant people chose to hide behind it all the time.

  14. Wheeeew! Take it easy everyone, think Taraji is really OK with her characters end. Maybe Ms. Henson has something even greater on the horizon. Being bound to a TV show may not be what SHE wants. Be supportive of her and her choices.

  15. I will not be watching Persons of Interest anymore. I watched BECAUSE of Taraji!! Now they have all these white actors on there and bring back the crazy woman who says the machine talks to her….I’m done. I wish I could find a petition to bring Taraji back. They have bought people back from the dead on shows many times, heck soap operas do it all the time

  16. Unfortunately, Carter’s death was a senseless death, just like the death of Tasha Yar on Star Trek The Next Generation. (Guinon – playted by Whoopi Goldberg called her death a “senseless death”) Of course, The Next Generation brought her back at a much later date in the series). I hate that you killed off this great character, but you could have at least killed her off in a more honorable way. She could have gone down in an actual battle and made a more conscious decision to give her life for another. This was senseless because she and Reese were not on their guard, as they should have been. (There as a scene that foreshadowed this earlier in the season, where they were overheard and caught off guard – so they should have learned from it.) So, Carter died because these two excellent crime fighters were being stupid? Makes me wonder what other ways the writers and producers will mess this up. Oh, and by the way, the audience does not watch TV to be punished. As soon as you predicted a character would die, I disconnected emotionally because I thought, I will not be watching this program after this 3 part monstrosity. I don’t watch TV in order to watch the bad guys get a win. I watch so that I can see the good guys do something amazing. Too bad. I liked this show. Oh, well, there is always Shield and Arrow. Of course, if you pull an Arthur Conan Doyle later in the series, all will be forgiven. (But, by that time, I will have to catch up with reruns.) Now CBS has no shows that I want to watch

  17. Plus, why would Carter walk around without a vest!! She knew the second in command in HR was still unaccounted for and dangerous! So I guess the writers had a need to make her look “stupid” before they killed her. This incident is the first to push me into writing my comments!!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! I am very upset by this. I guess black women were getting too popular on TV, with Kerry Washington on Scandal and Nicole Beharie on Sleepy Hollow. This show won’t last much longer in my opinion anyway.

  18. I will never watch the show again!! A poweful, strong, intelligent Black Woman who was a role model gets killed! Disappointed that the writers followed the usual pattern seen in TV and movies- kill the people of color!! The blacks in this series were either killed or played the role of being corrupted!! I guess the writers don’t place a high priority on characters who have a positve impact on society! Highly disappointed and shocked!! I’m moving on!!

  19. True, Carter’s character was only on in bit parts in the beginning, but over time she really grew on me and become one of, if not the main reasons that I watched. Even though she knew that her character’s time was limited, I just feel like she should’ve stayed so that we could’ve learned more about her, and not through flashbacks and backstories either! Even though I am a fan of the show, Carter’s death just took something out of me, and I honestly don’t feel like I can/will watch it that much anymore. Just like with my fave soap operas, when they kill off a well liked character, I stopped watching.

  20. Renee Freeman on said:

    Yes, I was in total disbelief to see Carter (Tarjai P. Henson) killed off of Person of Interest. She represented the good conscious side of law enforcement. As a female and African American, she was casted in a role that portrayed everything positive. After bringing HR down, I realize that it there could have been some challenges as she remained on the police force but I also know that the writers are creative enough to take her role to the next level, whatever that could have been. I, too, couldn’t believe they saved Fusco and killed Carter. She will truly be missed on the show and it’s possible they may have a drop in ratings but true fans will continue to tune in as the concept of the show in its totality is “Interesting.” I, personally wish they would bring her back but based on her statement, she enjoyed the ride and is ready to move on to the next stage of her career. I wish her the best and look forward to seeing her in her next project! Go Sista Henson!

  21. Valencia on said:

    I will still watch… On other the hand, CBS Is really don’t have many black actors on their shows… U CAN COUNT ON ONE HAND!!!

  22. I think it’s very laughable that all these people say they are not going to watch the show anymore.. Yes you will b/c it’s to good of a show for you not to..

  23. Ms. Fabolous on said:

    Taraji was the reason I watched the show, the others actors are good but I enjoyed watching her play Detective Carter. Without her I don’t see any reason to keep watching. Fair well Person of Interest…

  24. Congrats to you Taraji, I thought she was great on the show, and look forward to seeing her light up Broadway. On a side note, when she and James kissed, my boyfriend started singing “…it’s hard out here for a pimp…”. I really enjoyed Taraji’s role on the show and hope her new projects are equally creative.

  25. Cecelia Beckford on said:

    They save Fusco and kill Carter. Wrong choice! They both had teenage sons. Their roles on the were equal. I became a fan of the show only because of Taraji. I will no longer watch the show, and I am sure I am not the only one who will find something else to do on Tuesday nights. Switching networks is always an option.

  26. Kay Owens on said:

    Awww, Well I through with this show. The need to bring her back and make her HR new arch enemy always one step ahead of him. Why did they do that …BRING HER BACK!!!!!!!

  27. Pablo Cervantes on said:

    Please read the article or have someone read it to you. She knew going in that her character was not permanent. Her role grew as HR took over the story line. Before that, she (and Fusco), were bit characters. Reese and Finch were and are, the main characters of the show.

  28. Zen phone you must not be real bright. #1 POI is on CBS not NBC.#2 From what I’m reading she said that it was time for her characters storyline to end. She was there to bring down HR and she did that. She was ready to leave the show..It had nothing to do with her skin color. Only a damn idiot would think it had something to do with that. Newsflash we don’t live in the time era that forbids people to do things based on their skin color. Get out of the past your ignorance shines is bleeding out from it….

  29. Wow! I missed the show last night and haven’t seen the recording. I’ll watch it but won’t watch the show any longer. She is the only reason I watched in the beginning and her strong character got me hooked.

  30. merville cratte on said:

    well, they did it again, they killed the black star of person of interest. what happened the white stars get jealous? her role kept the show on track. she must have wanted a raise. this show will go down the tubes. the psycho in the cage will probably wack the cripple genius. seems like all the shows are finishing off evil geniuses. all the remaining shows are getting into “have a joint”, or they are “out of the closet”. this is soon going to make it easy to drop tv.

  31. zen phon on said:

    what the hell happened on person of interest!! the one and only african american detective on that hit series gets killed off really! that really sucks like a mother fucker! what does nbc stand for no black or colored. I’ve been a fan of Taraji P Henson since Baby boy and i was happy to see her on the show Person of Interest. Yeah i know Jim caveizil is the star but i tuned in to watch her and the show does have a good story line but because of this tragedy of her character getting killed off you have lost me as a veiwer. maybe i’ll watch the reruns on the demand on cable tv after that i am done with this show indifinetely.

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