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“Joss Carter”, the head lady in charge on the hit series “Person of Interest” played by actress Taraji P. Henson, was killed in Tuesday night’s episode to the dismay and shock of many fans.

In the episode, Carter sacrificed herself to save the life of “Reese” played by Jim Caviezel in a dramatic scene that left “Joss” to die in his arms.

Henson talked with Entertainment Weekly about her exit from the show, she explained:

“I always knew that we would have a beginning, a middle and an end. You don’t tell the audience “Hey, she’s not gonna last!” because that’s the whole surprise element, but that’s what’s so innovative about the show and that’s why I joined. We always knew we would do two, maybe three seasons.”

The actress holds no hard feelings about her violent exit from the show, she told EW it was “absolutely” the time for her character’s storyline to end.

So. what’s next for Ms. Henson? She told EW she plans on hitting the stage, saying, “The first thing I want to do is a play. I love theater, because that’s where I was trained. After I come off of a big project and I have space, I always go back to theater.”

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