What began as a traffic stop turned into a wild police chase that led to a New Mexico State police officer shooting at a van full of children before ultimately arresting their mother.

Oriana Farrell and her five young children were traveling on a highway south of Taos, New Mexico on Oct. 28 when a state officer pulled her over for going 71 mph in a 55 mph speed zone.

What happened next will shock you.

Read more from KRQE:

On dash cam video released to KRQE News 13 Friday you can see Farrell and the officer argue after Farrell couldn’t decide whether to pay the $126 fine or contest it in court. The officer instructs her to turn her vehicle off and stay put before walking back to his car.

But Farrell drives off instead and the officer has to pull her over again. He doesn’t appear happy as he approaches the driver’s side door of the minivan. The officer yells for Ferrell to get out several times before reaching into the minivan to try and pull her out.

In the dash cam video, you can hear her children yelling for the officer to leave their mom alone and get off of her.

At one point Farrell’s 14-year-old son gets out of the minivan and starts walking towards the officer, but the boy thinks better of it after the officer draws his Taser and points it at the boy. He gets back in the van while the officer continues his struggle to get Farrell out of the minivan.

“Look, I’m going to ask you one more time to get out of the vehicle and then I’m going to pull you out, OK?” the officer said. “You’re already facing evading charges. You ran away from me.”

“Sir, I pulled back over, I didn’t run away,” Farrell responded. “You see my children. I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m just trying to take them to the Rio Grande.”

But it doesn’t stop there.

Farrell eventually does get out of the vehicle. But after a brief conversation, makes a run for her mini-van when the police officer tells her to turn around. A struggle ensues when the officer grabs her, leading her 14-year-son to get out of the van again and rush the officer. A short physical altercation ensues between the teen and the officer as he tries to defend his mother.  The cop then pulls his Taser again, causing the teen to run back to the van and close the door.

Clearly angry, the officer runs over to the passenger side of the van where the teen is sitting and smashes one of the van’s rear windows with his baton over and over again.

With her children screaming in the back, Farrell takes off as an arriving back-up officer fires what appears to be three shots at the fleeing van.

After an approximately four minute high-speed chase, Farrell eventually gave herself up at a hotel.

See dramatic dash-cam footage. 

Farrell was charged with five counts of abuse of a child, aggravated fleeing an officer, resisting an officer, reckless driving and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to The Taos News. Her teenage son was charged with battery of an officer and resisting arrest.

Farrell’s younger children were placed with the state’s Children, Youth and Families Department before being released to family friends.

While the mother’s actions can easily be viewed as irrational, being fearful of the police during a traffic stop is, unfortunately, a smart thing for Black people to be. Whether she was breaking the law by driving away will be up to a court to decide. But what is clear, right now, is that there is never any justification for shooting at a van full of children. The officer’s names has not been released, but take away the badge, and the shooter would at the very least be charged with attempted murder.

The victims here are the children.

Police officers are not trained to value life, especially Black life. Time will tell if the officer faces consequences for his actions.

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10 thoughts on “State Cop Shoots At Van Full Of Children During Traffic Stop [VIDEO]

  1. It takes a FUCKING RACIST to turn this into a race issue! The stupid bitch is very lucky to be alive. Camella Jenkins, you are part of the problem, they weren’t in Florida. However people are allowed to make presumtive statements that are contrary to the actual facts and the IDIOTS run around belieiving them because they’d rather believe lies than accept the truth. Try not listening to the Hatemongers that seek to profit from playing on your emotions and listen to the truth. In this case the truth is in wathcing the dashcam feed from the start. Also, the jackass that fired at the van should spend time in jail for reckless endangerment of minors, he’s a complete ASSTARD!

  2. Please dont say that she was only looking out for the safety of the children. If she was doing the same all she would do is pay the fine or contest it in court (note the point that at the time of this incident her drivers license was expired as well, if this was racially motivated then the patrol officers would have charged her with that as well) After leaving she does the most insane thing of driving at 100 mph some times over the barrier (poor vision from dust) and at times going on the opposite lane all this time she had her children in her car. I don’t think safety was a concern here. Later I read that the cops have found two marijuana pipes in the car. Does that tell us she was careful with drugs with her children around. What I believe is that she was fleeing maybe because she feared that at some point the cops would check her car and find the weed. Anyway the cops were at fault they shouldn’t have fired at a car with kids at any cost and the cop should be fired for doing so.

  3. It is her kimd of irrational behavior that justifies the shooting of a black woman on your porch at 4am. They are capable and usually will exhibit the worst, aggressive behavior

  4. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Aaron, obviously you’re not a woman with children, she wasn’t thinking clearly only the safety of her children. Driving in racist Florida, she feared for her life and her family’s life. As an AA I can under that totally, but you could never understand that. Bottom line is the idiot cop(s) were wrong. I hope she sue their azzes. Yes I can spell the A word just didn’t want to spell it the correct way, I don’t make it a habit using profanity.

    • Carmella, you need to get to steppin’ fore somebody pops a cap in your racist azz. Feared for her life because of a 71 in a 55 ticket? No Nicca, she escalated the situation into a major event. I can’ t even look at your dumb azz, get out my face. DAMM

    • We do not decide whether to be arrested or not. In a civilized society we use the courts. The woman should have been thrown to the ground and cuffed when she resisted. Her son too. Black, White, Asian, or Purple.

  5. Camella Jenkins on said:

    She was being harrassed and physically attacked by them, her wasn’t going to sit there and watch them attack his mother. Thank God they didn’t shoot him/them down like a rattle snake pit. She fleed the scene from reaction and fear, but OMG that stupid cop should have never fired shots, and with children in the back seat or firing shots at all. All of them could have been killed. she/they didn’t pull out any type of weapon. Protol is to call for backup ahead with a road block, and pursue a chase, not start shooting because it’s a black woman with her children in the vehicle. Because of the racism repeating itself, this country is going to hell in a hen basket.

  6. I am so sick of people (especially this NewsOne Staff writer), always making excuses for the most stupid individuals in the world. None of this would have happened if the mother had just pulled over and accepted her speeding ticket like a normal human being! 10 minutes or so, she would have been on her way! People of color get involved with more police incidents because people of color tend to “act up” more often…and in the wrong manner. I’m Black and even I know that because I have “common sense”. I’ve never had an incident or almost incident with an officer of the law, because I have common sense! The arriving officer was firing at a fleeing perpetrator because a fellow officer called for help and was in a very intense situation! Considering all that was going on, he didn’t have time to describe how many children were in the van…based on what he initially saw. The officer (or no one else), could have known who else could have been hiding in the back of that van. And a 14 year old boy is more than capable of injuring a full grown man…especially if he’s distracted by a crazy woman. The mother and her son deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Now had this 14 y/o had a gun and shot this officer dead, I wonder what stupid spin this article writer would have written.

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