11/15/13- Huggy Lowdown announces Sarah Palin as the “Bama of the Week”, find out why after you listen!

2 thoughts on “Why is Sarah Palin the ‘Bama of the Week’?

  1. Charisse on said:

    I better not hear one of you, Tom, Sybil, Jay, or anyone else who listens this program, say a damn thing the next time someone says something you deem insensitive about Michelle Obama. I get you don’t like Sarah Palin’s politics, but the rant done on the program Thursday morning was beyond ridiculous. What if she did sleep with Glen Rice, so what. Going on and on about her asking Todd to serve her dark meat at Thanksgiving and how Glen laid it down, etc., was ignorant has hell. Sybil especially needs to be ashamed of herself for participating in that mess. In the event I catch a few minutes of the program on my way to work in the morning, I am reminded why I stopped listening to this POS show over 10 years ago.

  2. Joe Valde on said:

    Like this stupid moron Hugley , many Hood African Americans have big Penises and small brains , in fact their pen is is their brains . If this Negro Basketball player is such a great stud why did Sarah go Back to her halfbreed Indian husband??? Hugely is a piece of Black crap , he even refer to his wife and daughters as Ho’s that shows how low class he is . Let him try it with a Cuban !!! He will not make it for 1 week thus Hugley a Hole

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