Jamie Foxx showed his support and dedication to Trayvon Martin’s family by hosting a star-studded charity event at his Los Angeles home this past weekend. The late teenager’s parents Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton were in attendence, along with a handful of Jamie’s famous friends including Tyrese, Larenz Tate, Marques Houston and Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

The fundraiser helped raise money for the slain 17-year-old’s family and the Trayvon Martin Foundation. According to reports, Russell Simmons donated a six-figure check and activist Harry Belafonte delivered a speech.

“A powerful gathering of “Influence” organized by @iamjamiefoxx this brother and friend raised a lot of money on behalf of the Trayvon Martin foundation,” Tyrese shared with his Instagram followers. “I showed up cause I’m uncomfortable with injustice…Jamie Foxx I’m very proud of you and HOW you’re using your influence.”

Tank added, “We ALL showed up to support the Trayvon Martin Foundation event that @iamjamiefoxx put together! Let’s keep fighting and believing!. The kids are all that matter.”

In July, following murder George Zimmerman’s not-guilty, the Oscar and Grammy Award winner offered Sybrina Fulton his lifelong support.

“She’s always been courageous in saying this has never been about race. She said it’s about 17-year-old kids. We have to protect our kids. So I stand with her forever,” Foxx said. “There’s something wrong when a 17-year-old child is on his way home and someone with a gun pursues him and he ends up losing his life.”

Looks like Jamie Foxx is keeping true to his promise. Check out photos from the event below.

6 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx Hosts Star-Studded Fundraiser For Trayvon Martin’s Family

  1. ChalkyWhite on said:

    Let’s see how long before Trayvon’s killer kills again.Even former co-workers thought he was unstable.He already attacked his wife and her family.I give him six months before he finds himself against an adult who has the means to shoot back


    Why don’t these celebrity black people ever hold a fundraiser or help out the families of the innocent black kids that are in the cross fire of black gang bangers . So many of these innocent kids are killed while playing in a park . But instead lets help out a family of a 17 year old thug , punk , bully , and drug dealer . Black people only care when a black person is killed by someone of another race , and that includes the famous black people . I am so sick of seeing the picture of travon at 12 years old . Lets see his 17 year old picture, that’s how old he was when he died . The reason they dont show it is because his neck and face tattoos did not make him look so innocent .

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