DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. (AP) — Protesters and civil rights groups are calling for justice after a suburban Detroit homeowner fatally shot a 19-year-old woman on the porch of his home.

No charges have been filed after authorities said Renisha McBride, of Detroit, was killed by a shotgun blast to the face early Saturday in Dearborn Heights. According to police, man told investigators that he thought someone was trying to break into his home and accidentally discharged the gun.

“She was shot in the front of the face, near the mouth.” police Lt. James Serwatowski told the Detroit Free Press.

McBride’s family this week said she likely approached the home to seek help after getting into a car accident nearby.

“He shot her in the head … for what? For knocking on his door,” her aunt, Bernita Spinks, said.

Earlier this week, police said they requested a warrant authorizing in the case. The Wayne County prosecutor’s office sent the request back to police Wednesday for additional investigation before making a charging decision.

“We will not be able to make a charging decision until the requested work has been completed, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

A vigil was held Wednesday at the home. About 50 people rallied Thursday outside the police department.

The homeowner hasn’t been arrested or named by police.

“I’m confident when the evidence comes it will show that my client was justified and acted as a reasonable person would who was in fear for his life,” Cheryl Carpenter, one of two lawyers representing the 54-year-old man, told The Detroit News.

A lawyer for McBride’s family said it’s doubtful her death was an accident.

“It’s hard to … believe it’s an accident when a gun is in her face and the trigger is pulled,” attorney Gerald Thurswell told the News.

A funeral for McBride was taking place on Friday.

McBride’s death has drawn attention from civil rights groups including the NAACP and the Rev. Al Sharpton‘s National Action Network. They called in part for a thorough investigation into the shooting.

“We are in prayer for the family of Renisha Mcbride but we are also urgently calling for justice,” Sharpton said in a statement.

(Photo: AP)

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17 thoughts on “Protesters Call for Justice After Detroit Porch Killing

  1. When they posted bashing articles about Chris Brown and Kordell Stewart their were literally 130 or more comments bashing those Brothers. But this poor girl gets her face blown off and their are 15 comments and noticeable absent are the female voices of outrage. It seems to me that black people are quick to beat up and degrade Brothers, but are still afraid of their real enemy. I guess everyone is waiting to see what Olivia Pope has to say first, this is the real ‘Scandal”.

  2. Kilo Perkins on said:

    I pray that this was a accident. But their is not enough information in this story. Every be careful before drawing conclusions. And stop making yourselfs look like racist!!!!

  3. blackspeak on said:

    Black folks need to be ever vigilanle when they encounter emergency situations… They should exercise ever precaution to avoid becoming a victim of the social material system of white supremacy. Have a working cellphone at all times and use it before seeking assistance from strangers, especially after dark or early morning just after midnight…

  4. We will continue to have tragedies like this until we Unite and do for self. We have been fighting the same fight with the same enemy in every generation when will we wake up?

      • Cool Thug on said:

        Sorry there, Jig. This incident did NOT happen in Detroit! It happened in Dearborn Heights; that’s several miles west of Detroit itself. Dearborn Heights is 86% white. Does this somehow play into this incident? Yes! A recent study by the Justice Policy Center of the Urban Institute found that a white-on-black homicide is 11 times more likely to be found “justified” as a black-on-white homicide.
        Was this racial profiling? Again, yes! The shooter said he thought somebody was trying to break in the house. Where any windows broken? Where there any doors forced open? No? (In my best imitation of Judge Judy raising her voice) THEN THE SHOOTER IS LYING BIG TIME!!! The shooter also said that that the shotgun went off by accident then changed his story and said he shot in self defense. Again, HE’S LYING BIG TIME!!!
        Generally speaking…
        Michigan is a “Stand your ground” state. These types of laws are bad and should be repealed. Why? They encourage deadly force to be used against perceived threats… did you hear me? Against threats that you only THINK are happening.! It also empowers those who have unfounded bigoted views and racist fears.

      • Sorry Thug, but a black person on your stately porch at 3:30am in a mostly white neighborhood will be viewed by most as a threat and would arm themselves. Ren-eeeee-Sha made a bad, bad decision.

  5. Jiggy5 on said:

    Ok Peeps, lets gather the facts here first, not just what BAW is trying to spin. Renisha got into an accident at 1:30am, no details of cause or if alcohol involved. TWO hours later the shooting occurred. This was in Detroit; she didn’t have to hike miles in the country to find a door to knock on. What was going on in the 2 hours after the accident? She knocked on a strangers door at 3:30AM likely inebriated, high, or both. I say this because any rational person would think twice before making such a move. Why didn’t she simply use her phone to call 911? This was the city, don’t tell me there was no one on the scene with a phone. UNLESS she was up to something where she didn’t want the police around.
    This is a tradgety, but there is a story here that we are not getting at this point.

      • Charles on said:

        Why would refer to the victim as a “ho”, regardless of what circumstances might have takened place no one deserves to die like that, we can speculate all day long, but a precious 19 year old girl lays dead today, for another senseless killing, or did you think that we live in a post racial-racist AmeriKKKA???

  6. Uncle G on said:

    I am still angry about Trayvon. And now, this? Someone knocks on your door and you get a shotgun and shoot to kill without even asking what they want? What reasonable person does that?I will bet any money that if this guy was Black and a white person came and knocked on his door for assistance because of a car accident, that Black person would be charged with a crime if he/she shot and killed someone who only knocked on their door. White cops and States Attorneys try to reason these killings of Blacks that make no sense. They must think us Black folks are stupid. These hateful, racist white folk are full-of-it!

    • G, what reasonable person knocks on a strangers door at 3:30am and expects a neighborly welcome? Something doesn’t add up here.

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