Gary With Da Tea reported Kordell Stewart finally tried to clear up rumors of him being gay. Listen to the audio to hear him defend himself and how the controversy about his sexuality could have tarnished his football legacy forever.

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3 thoughts on “Have The Gay Rumors About Kordell Stewart Tarnished His Football Legacy? [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Can we please get back to real tv shows? I’m sick of these reality shows, they’re all crazy, money hungry and full of drama. There’s nothing good on TV anymore which is why I watch House Hunters, Property Virgins, the twin brothers who remodel homes. the Cooking Channel, and the Waltons reruns, and Cosby show reruns. Nothing else on but reality TV junk!

  2. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Porsia is a big mouth air head or perhaps she really is stupid. She acts like as if she’s illiterate, nothing funny about that. She’s coasting off of her deseased grandfather’s name and that’s it. Cordell is almost 20 years her senior, she’s a gold digger and he wanted a airhead chearleeder look. Both got what they deserve, and who cares if he’s gay. As for NeNe and the other’s, all drama queens.

  3. Beatrice Berry on said:

    Its ashame she’s tarnishing this man lively hood all because she wants to save face and not let it look like he mainly divorcing her because he no longer consider her marriage / wife material. I hope she have to pay up deerly for slander or something

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