Andre Rison’s bank account’s currently on life support despite earning $19 million over his 12-year professional career, beginning in 1989, the Daily Mail has confirmed.

In 1995, Rison signed a five-year, $17 million contract with the Cleveland Browns, which was then the most lucrative ever for a wide receiver.

However, Rison’s financial woes stem from a classic case of excessive spending. He admits wasting $1 million on jewelry, buying three high-end cars in one season, and he’s already lost two homes. Last year, he was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to pay $300k in restitution for failing to pay child support.

Rison once had a tumultuous relationship with deceased TLC member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez .

Rison, one of countless ex pro-athletes hard up for cash, opened up about his empty pockets in ESPN’s “Broke” series, a show that delves into the flashy lifestyles of past players.

“Now all of a sudden you’ve got this bank account you control. You can go to it, pull out anytime, put in any time, but at the time we were only pulling out,” he said in the documentary. “How much is this [car]? It doesn’t matter, just get it. We were going to new levels. We were making it snow. You start throwing $100 bills instead of fives. So you’ve got a competition going on now.”

“I’d be lying on the bed knocked out (after getting back from the club) with $10,000 lying on the floor. I’ve got another $5,000 in my pocket. You might find another $7,500 in the pocket in my coat.”

“When you have cash, you create debt,’ Rison finished. “You spend until you’ve got nothing left… I should have saved a lot more money. I should have saved a lot more money.”

Let Andre’s story be a cautionary tale for all of you wannabe ballers out there trying to “keep up with the Joneses.” It’s like the old saying goes, “money doesn’t grow on trees.” Spend wisely, or else.

(Photo: AP)

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