Don’t Be A Dud In The Mud

So here’s the ugly: Muddy adventure based races can be dangerous. This past April a 28-year-old man died during a Tough Mudder in West Virginia, and three deaths and injuries resulting in paralysis have occurred at events by other organizers too. So while that Instagram photo may get you 100+ likes, the risk involved must be considered. Don’t freak out, these tips will help you not be a dud in the mud:

1) Be aware of others. Some people came to turn all the way up. If thats not you, then cool. Get out of their way and run your race sis.

2) Be fast with fire. Yes there will be fire in some cases. The key is to be quick. Keep your eyes on the ground and beat it girl…knees to chest!

3) Master your mind. Follow your gut and stay in touch with what you are feeling. Adrenaline can rule in moments like this so make sure your are mentally connected through out so you wont be bruised up later.

Not So Grimy Gear

Most people just throw on their old workout clothes and head to these obstacles prepared to ditch their gear after, however while this is the most logical choice it is not always the smartest or safest. So, starting from the bottom, your shoes. An athletic shoe with traction is key. Waterproof is even better, and ankle support is best. I recently tested the Brooks Women’s Ghost 6 GTX and couldn’t be more pleased. I typically train in the Ghost 6, so to experience the same award-winning blend of cushion and balance with the added technology of a waterproof yet breathable protection makes for the perfect pair for you dirty FitGirls.

And the good news is you wont have to chuck these babies after the race, just rinse and wear. Also be sure to slip into a pair of man-made fiber socks that fit snugly above your ankle (not cotton-they absorb moisture which is no good). Pair this with form fitting, moisture-wicking gear and you wont have to dig mud out of odd places after the finish line. Speaking of mud in crazy places, snag you a pair of ear plugs and goggles too. Try the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Plus Mirrored Goggle and the Hearos Ultimate Softness Foam Ear Plugs.


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