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Dear Tom,

My mom is a true blessing to our little family of three. It wasn’t easy but she made sure THAT I graduated from high school and college. Now it’s my little brother’s turn. He is about to graduate this coming spring so we have been taking him on weekend road trips him to go on college campus tours.

I say it wasn’t easy because my single mom was in school getting her bachelor’s degree while raising two kids, working full-time and serving on several community boards. She is now a case manager and a workshop facilitator for at-risk teens and mentors parents on coping with their rebellious teens.

This past June, she had a blood clot and we thought we were going to lose her. She made it through but with medical bills, student loans and my little brother’s school expenses; she hasn’t been able to afford a new pair of glasses.

The one’s she wears now are five-and-a-half-years old – she has to squint a lot and can not drive at night. She’s blind as a bat, but she Is our bat and we love her.


One thought on “Thursday Morning Mom: Judy Johnson

  1. Judy Johnson is a role model for her colleagues at the Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians and the men and women from around the world who come to America seeking better opportunities for themselves and their families. She is always thinking creatively about how to help others take care of their children while they improve their English and enter the workforce. We are so fortunate to share her with her own loving children.

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