In celebration of his birthday, writer/director Jerry Lamothe (“Blackout,” “Amour Infinity”) has made his critically-acclaimed short film, “The Tombs” available to screen on line for free.

Released in 2012 “The Tombs” documents one man’s three-day journey in New York’s Central Booking system. The intense drama taps into the helplessness many Black men feel within the American justice system and was inspired by real life events.

“I was locked up,” Lamothe told in a previous interview. “It was a real thought-provoking experience in the sense that that’s what I went through. I saw the red tape and politics that goes with central booking and the jail system. So I wanted to tell the story of a Brooklyn man’s 3-day journey through The Tombs.”

In addition to releasing “The Tombs,” Lamoth also discussed his thoughts on the Tupac biopic and his interests in being in contention to direct the feature film.

“It’s certainly something I would like to campaign and be considered for,” he said in a statement. “I seldom (if ever) pursue work-for hire gigs, and frankly, rarely ever care to.  But this project in particular, I’ve been following it for a long time.  I definitely wouldn’t mind being on their short list, and sharing some of my ideas.”

Shakur’s mother Afeni will be executive producing the film which is slated to begin filming in Atlanta next year, but a lead or director have not been chosen. For his part, actor Anthony Mackie told TheUrbanDaily that he has no interest in playing a  rapper ever again after portraying Shakur in the “Notorious” biopic.

“2Pac was a very strenuous and nerve-racking experience for me just because no matter where you go, people have something they’d like to communicate about what you do as an actor,” he said in our interview. “I’m not the one who entertains communication that well sometimes.”

Lamothe is also working on a film “The Promise Keeper” about two friends from Brooklyn, NY as they return to their homeland of Haiti after the tragic earthquake.


3 thoughts on “Jerry Lamothe Releases “The Tombs,” Wants To Direct Tupac Biopic

  1. Daniel Asamota on said:

    This movie about black men being incarcerated is hardly groudbreaking nor illuminating. I won’t discount it totally but it’s hardly the type of cinema black directors need to be working on; black men in jail. Stretch your imagination and come up with something positive, motivating, as well as entertaining. Creating a movie that paints a very negative and hopeless picture of the plight of the African American male is a step backwards not forward. Try again dude for this one needs to be burned!

  2. Daniel Asamota on said:

    Who’s side is this fool on? A movie about Tupac would be a success. White people are just as interested in Tupac’s life as black people would be. I would invest in this project for IT SPELLS SUCCESS! It will end up on BET because that’s where it belongs and the story on Biggie was not a flop but a success! Ugly Leroy, you sound like one of those white racists posing as someone black! Goto the klan site where you belong boy!

  3. Sexy Leroy on said:

    This will flop just like the “Biggie”movie. Fans of these folks are older now,know the story and have moved on. Bootlegs will eat what profits may come; couple that with low box office sales (black folks don’t support like they claim and the white folks wont go because of said black folks)– IT SPELLS DISASTER that will end up on BET in 3 months. As an investor I would not throw money into this.

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