Would you turn away a 2-Year-Old for something he has no control over?

D.L. Hughley and the gang discuss the controversial decision that the Marvin Winans’ Gospel Church in Detroit has made to refuse an unwed mother named Charity Grace’s 2 year old  to have her son given a blessing from the church simply because the child does not have a father in his life.

D.L. Hughley makes the point that the Pastor seems to have no problem with supporting Benjamin ‘BeBe’ Winans’ after he was brought up on domestic abuse charges.

D.L. also talks about the problem of turning away children of wedlock and making them feel that they are inferior in the eyes of the church, and might lead to problems in their future.

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One thought on “Pastor Marvin Winans Church Controversy Explained [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. Alberta on said:

    Parents can baptize their own children with witnesses…..you are a royal priest hood…Done. Isaac blessed his own children….Done.

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