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Radio host D.L. Hughley showed his audience a different side recently as he talked about the tragic story of Minnesota Viking player, Adrian Peterson, and the loss of his son.

Hughley talks candidly about his own infidelity, having a child out-of-wedlock and the sad ending that brought him to tears.

Check out the full conversation below:

D.L. HUGHLEY:  So these are five facts about the death of Adrian Peterson’s son.  First he, well, the gentlemen who did it, his name is Joseph Patterson.  I don’t know why I’d call him a gentleman; anybody who would kill a child is significantly less than that.  What do you got?

JASMINE SANDERS:  Right, right.  Well, first of all, he had just moved into the home with the child.  So he hadn’t been there for a long period of time at all.  He also, and also Peterson only found out that he was the boy’s father recently, just literally right before the boy went to the hospital; and also Patterson previously assaulted a three year old.

D.L.:  Right.

JASMINE:  Like just a year ago.

D.L.:  Right.

JASMINE:  This was in the news.

D.L.:  Right.

JASMINE:  Also, Patterson has another child of his own.

D.L.:  Right.

JASMINE:  And finally Patterson works as a coffee salesman.

D.L.:  So here’s the thing, I think that anybody that would let a child, though there’s no reason to not know the history of somebody that’s going to be in that intimate of circumstances with your child.  There’s no reason.  He’s a Google click away.


D.L.:  And I feel bad for Adrian Peterson and I kind of can relate to him because years ago, when I was just starting out, when I was doing comedy, I got a girl pregnant while I was married.  She had the baby.  I was paying child support.  She would never let me get tested, so I couldn’t tell if it was mind or not, so I’m trying to hide it and keep it secret from my wife.  And so one day she gives me this ultimatum and she says; you either give me a life insurance policy for the baby or I’m telling your wife.  So, of course, I go home and I pray that God take this off me.  And so I performed that night, and this is on a Friday night.  Saturday I said I would perform, and then I would tell my wife what was happening.

JASMINE:  Right.

D.L.:  Because I didn’t want her to get jammed up.

JASMINE:  Of course.

D.L.:  It was a horrible, horrible thing.  I was a horrible person, I get it.  So I prayed to God; take this thing off of me.  So the next day I am performing, my friends calls me and he said that the baby was in the hospital … and he … he died. The guy that she had been living with killed him.  He shook him and killed him.  And I prayed to God; take that off me, but I never wanted that to happen.  So I can under—I can certainly relate to him.  So my heart definitely goes out to him.  This is The D.L. Hughley Show.

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7 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: What D.L. Hughley and Adrian Peterson Have in Common

  1. Oliver on said:

    why aren’t men and women protecting themselves before having sex with someone. don’t anyone believe in protection anymore?

  2. redbone1954 on said:

    I trulu wish I understood why these women allow the men to move in so quiclky ESPECIALLY around your children women please date some one get to know someone and like DL siaid the information about them is only a google away I a, sick of these child killers I hope they comb his head when he gets where he is going becuase I know the devil is wainting for his azz in hell! God please protect our children Amen

  3. Yeah, there is plenty of blame to go around with this type of thing. I admire DL for bringing out his own faults and emotions. Men shouldn’t use women and women shouldn’t allow themselves to be used. Seems like now-a-days, cheating on your spouse is glorified and taken lightly in society. We have terms for it (side-piece, jump-off, etc), songs about it (have been for a long time), TV, movies, etc. This doesn’t help. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be influenced by society and have enough self respect to not get involved with people that are married.

  4. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    Oh so it is always the woman’s fault. It takes 2 to tangle. How dare you blame the woman for the man killing the child. That is like leaving him off the hook. Just yesterday a man 32 years old killed his 12 OWN 12 year old child. the coroner said he had never seen anything like it. Hew even bit his OWN child. Did his wife ever expect for a man to kill his OWN child. No. So God is showing folks like you it doesn’t matter if you are married or single it can happen to anybody. What do you have to say about that.

  5. I think women today open their legs too easily, have babies too casually and move in dudes and erroneously entrust them with what should be the most precious thing in their lives … their children. I respect moms who put their children above their own needs. These children are innocent victims of foolish moms and violent sociopaths.

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