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We’re not ones to judge, but it seems like Oscar-wining actress Sandra Bullock is trying to increase her street cred. It wasn’t enough that she adopted an African orphan. Now, she’s rapping the words to Sugarhill Gang’s hit “Rapper’s Delight” on Britain’s “The Jonathan Ross Show.”

In the short clip, Bullock recounts a tale about her learning the words to the hip-hop classic in order to impress a boy she liked in school. Her goal was to learn the words and at the next school dance, she was going to make sure the boy noticed her singing the words and the two would fall madly in love. Apparently, whatever boy she was after was seriously in to “Rapper’s Delight” because after he saw her rapping the words, they hooked up.

Once Bullock told the story, you know she had to prove just how hip-hop she was and she spit the famous song. Check the video below and then go pray for the sake of hip-hop. (Kidding.)

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