The series premiere of Oxygen’s new reality series, “Preachers of L.A.” delivered 1.1 million total viewers, which for Oxygen, is big numbers.

It marks the network’s strongest Wednesday season premiere ever according to Nielsen, and delivered Oxygen’s second highest rated series premiere among the targeted female 25-54 demo(426,000).

In the 10 p.m. hour, Oxygen was the #5 cable network among F25-54 and compared to the prior four week time period average, the series premiere saw triple digit growth, up 282 percent in total viewers.

Also, “Preachers of L.A.” was the No. 2 most social cable reality program and #3 most social reality program in primetime with #PreachersofLA trending in the U.S. on Twitter during the premiere.

The first episode was made available on VOD and a week early and garnered over 180,000 full episode streams and over 1.1 million page views since the launch of the show site (6/27/13).

On next week’s episode, airing on Wednesday, Oct. 16 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, Bishop Gibson and First Lady LaVette invite Deitrick Hatton and fiancé Dominique to dinner to question them on whether they are marrying for the right reasons. Meanwhile, Pastor Jay Haizlip seeks divine wisdom in dealing with a transgender former church member.

13 thoughts on “‘Preachers of L.A.’ Smashes Ratings Records at Oxygen

  1. follower on said:

    This show merely reflects the ignorance that pervades the black community. Essentially, this is ignorance on display – in the name of god. Read your Bible black people and then you will know the truth. You do not need a preacher to read/interpret for you (that is the Old Testament approach). You can read for yourself and the Holy Spirit will guide you in the way of truth. This show is just a small reflection of what is really going on behind closed doors at most black churches. Apostasy in the church and false doctrines taught by demons. Read your Bible black people.

    • It’s sad to say how much I agree with you. I was shocked to say the least. You know at some point we have to start believing and reading ourselves. (Because man cannot direct his own steps). This show has nothing to do with God but shows the depravity of man. But I really think that this show had to happen, I think, that this is a means to turn true believer away, and for the weak minded christian to lose faith. I also believe that some of the ministers that people put faith in, will be expose by their actions. Remember your actions speak louder than your words. Trust god not man. Every one who says that they are a christian are not, even leaders in the church.

  2. In My Opinion on said:

    This show and others like it do nothing to uplift the Kingdom of God and if you are not building up God’s Kingdom then you are tearing it down.

  3. I think a lot of people tuned in out of curiosity. Let’s see who is going to get their own show. It will probably be the young hip hop preacher. It will be the person with the most drama. It’s show time guys now put on a good show for the cameras.

    • I’m already struggling with my faith smh. I think this show will push me clear over the edge of atheism =/….I know what you mean Sis…But hold on please..Man can’t direct his own steps. I’m glad that you have faith. I hope that this show doesn’t ruin it. Man cannot save us..only god can. Please trust him and not them, and ask for things to be revealed to you by the holy spirit. Remember that that little voice in your head is sometimes the spirit revealing thing to you. Beware of people who hollar about god day and night….(Its just lip service)..Look at their actions. We all fall short of gods glory,and man cannot direct his own steps. But I think this show will expose our leaders for who their are and what drives them (whether it be selfish ambitions or gods glory). Last but not least, in life we eill all fall short, but we have to pray and keep moving. When we fall short it shows us that we need good more. And never try to do everything right…Its impossible. Pray for forgiveness and try to do better. When we fall, it shows us that we need god more especially in that area…LOL and if you are like me It is in more than one area. ….Don’t let these people actions cause you to lose faith……..this show has hurt me on more that one level.

      • Thank you Dennis! I’m working on me. I grew up in church but where am right now I’m just lost. My pastor was killed because of supposed infidelity with a lady in the church. I haven’t been back there since my church split. It’s just hard sitting in church and period. I feel uncomfortable.

  4. I’ll bet as the season goes on, the ratings won’t STAY high. People will get tired of it and see the show for the fraud and train wreck that it is!! This show is/will be the Basketball Wives and Real Housewives of the church world.

  5. So when are all these preachers going to organize and help build some new factories and create some jobs for all their fans. Maybe even print an back some currenecythat might help poor black people.

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