Just a year after being charged with criminal exposure to HIV for knowingly infecting women, Memphis pastor Rodney Carr, was seen on a popular black dating website, BlackPeopleMeet.com.

The pastor has two profiles on the site under the names “Minterwonderful” and Rodney Carr.

WREG reports that one of his victims thinks he is a creep, telling the news site, “He’s not wonderful. He’s a creep. Going around doing what he’s doing. He’s not wonderful at all.”

The unidentified woman was infected by Carr between 2010 and 2011. She believes that Carr has knowingly infected other people and that he needs to be stopped, she told WREG, “He’s really trying to get with other women. He has HIV and he’s spreading it so he just really needs to be off the site. He needs to be off the site.”

WREG reached out to the dating site to inquire about their policy on allowing people with criminal records to have site membership.

The site has not responded to the inquiry.

9 thoughts on “HIV Pastor, Rodney Carr, Spotted On Popular Black Dating Website

  1. Dr. Tikki on said:

    First of all the woman who said she was married is nasty! Why are you sleeping with someone outside of your marriage and without protection on top of it all!!!! You are putting your husband at risk you nasty person. You are responsible for your own decisions. You should not be sleeping with anyone outside of your marriage. Yes, the minister is wrong for spreading the virus but he would not have been able to spread it to you if you did not spread your legs!!

  2. deedee on said:

    I am confused shouldn’t we take our own precautions when meeting ANYONE, you shouldn’t be sleeping with people without protection, it’s not only his fault but you have to just NOT have sex if someone is not willing to wear a condom! And then you cry wolf when you get an STD, well didn’t you play some role in that! This is why people don’t disclose, on the one hand we have fundraisers and charities to help people with HIV and then we prosecute you for having it and “spreading it”, it takes 2 to tango, lets start to take some responsibility for our own lives and bodies and don’t leave it up to someone else to be “honest”, make them wear protection or don’t have sex…period!

  3. Jasmine888 on said:

    ===Http:LoveHerpesDating.com, a safe, private and comfortable community for people living with STD to seek support and love. You are not alone!

  4. The fact this man can put a profile on a dating site pretty much tells you about these sites: We all should stay away from them! What happened to meeting people the old-fashioned way?

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