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Reality star NeNe Leakes is telling viewers to expect even more drama on season 6 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

During her recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, NeNe said she thinks that some of her cast mates may be laying it on a little thick in order to get more camera time.

Although the “RHOA” vet of all people is well aware that many reality shows thrive on drama to bring in viewers, but she doesn’t think being over the top for show is cool.

“A lot of drama. That’s what it is all the time. People trying to beef up their storylines. Trust me, I happen to be one of the very real ones,” NeNe said. “I don’t play a character when I come on to ‘Real Housewives.’ I play NeNe, and there are girls who play characters. I am just who I am: I am NeNe Leakes.”

Although she wouldn’t give too much details, there is word that there was conflict between NeNe and Kenya during this new season.

“I can’t say what that’s about, because the show hasn’t aired yet, but I’m the boss,” NeNe asserted. “I’ve been here since day one. .”

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2 thoughts on “NeNe on Clashing with Kenya Moore in Season 6 of ‘RHOA’: ‘I’m the Boss’

  1. Denise on said:

    Awww poor nene …. It’s not just me, but most viewers tune in to see Kenya. She’s a performer and will do anything for the spotlight…the same that nene does for ‘trump money’ and ‘glee’. If it weren’t for Kenya, I would not watch the show…the remaining castmates can’t hold it down. Nene should stop pushing her temporary clout and weight around..besides, BRAVO wouldn’t be paying her very well to ‘act herself’ would they ?

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