DJ Quik has taken to his Twitter page to let his thoughts on something upsetting to him be known. It’s no secret that there have been HIV/AIDS rumors floating around about him for some time now, but Quik has called out the name of the person he claims started it!

Check out his tweets below!

Ummm…yikes! That’s quite an accusation! We don’t know if any of this is accurate and Dre hasn’t responded. But we are sure of one thing. Quik feels a “real way” whether he wants to call it emo or not!

We’ll definitely be keeping on top of this one!

One thought on “DJ Quik Accuses Andre 3000 Of Starting AIDS Rumor About Him

  1. Daniel Asamota on said:

    Umm, Quik, you look like your sick. Anybody could have started that rumor. So before you go to jumpin on another brutha in a public forum, dude you look sick to me! Are you?

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