Big Mac


Yup! You saw that title correctly no need to go grab your glasses! The current CEO of McDonalds claims that he ate the food from the golden arches everyday and managed to lose 20 pounds! We know what you’re thinking…we hear you! Check out the story in the video below!


We don’t know how he did it…we just know we couldn’t do it! Could you? Take our poll and have your say!




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2 thoughts on “McDonald’s CEO Says He Lost 20 LBS Eating McDonald’s Food Everyday [VIDEO]

  1. Jiggy5 on said:

    Gurl their sweet tea is da bomb. McDonald’s has come a long way with their menu and management. They are the largest corporation with the most minority owned franchises. Step up and support a business that gives back to our community.

  2. Serpentine on said:

    I could see him losing 20lbs if he only ate a salad everyday. Or only ate once a day. Too many variables with this, and not enough information about his story.

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