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I’m so mad this morning, I am so mad because as I’ve been watching lawmakers over the last few weeks debate the issues that led to the shutdown; you know what that is, healthcare. I felt helpless and I felt betrayed to say the least and I’m sure many of you did too.

One, because of this, and I want everyone to listen to me, because of the false narrative that both sides caused this shutdown. That’s not true.

It was caused by Republicans, mainly Tea Party Republicans. And don’t write me saying that I’m a bleeding heart liberal.  I am not a Democrat. You hear that? I am not a Democrat. And I am also not a Republican.

Once I became a journalist I disavowed political parties because I took a personal oath to tell the truth no matter what, regardless of political party. With that said, over the last few weeks I have felt really helpless and I made a decision. Now I’m going to tell you what that decision is in a moment and then I hope your inspired to make some changes too.

I would imagine that most of you who are listening are not rich people, you work hard to pay the bills.

And you are often shocked by your medical and prescription drug costs.

In fact, the World Health Organization says the U.S. ranks 37th out of 191 countries in health system performance.

The richest nation in the world, 37th.

And one of the doctors who commissioned the report said this:

“The poor are treated with less respect, given less choice of service providers and offered lower- quality amenities,” AND “In trying to buy health from their own pockets, they pay and become poorer.”

And, while it is no doubt a good thing that many people who could not afford insurance, can now afford it under the Affordable Care Act, under Obamacare. Health services are still expensive and they’re confusing in this country.

So here’s what I’ve decided.

I’ve decided the best way not to encounter America’s healthcare system is to not to ‘HAVE TO’ encounter it.

Today I’m starting with improving the health of the man in the mirror, I’m talking about me.

Today I am making a pledge to myself and to you. And I hope you join me in making a pledge to yourself and to me to do whatever is in your control; big or small to make your health, your life, better.

Let’s try this for 30 days, one month, and see what happens.

Here’s what I’m doing:

#1– Eating better. For 30 days at the very least, i’m doing away with processed food, with fried food and fast food.

#2-I promise to go to the doctor and get a check up and men, i’m talking to you. we hate doing that. when was your last check up?

#3– I promise to exercise.. get moving .. and i don’ t mean working out like a muscle man or with a personal trainer; If you can afford that, then do it. i’m just gonna walk and do some pushups and sit-ups.

#4– I promise not to drink sugary sodas or juices.

#5– I am cutting out alcohol. no more vodka sodas for 30 days.

i’m starting with a detox system called 21 pounds in 21 days and i’m not at all recommending you do that. That’s just what i’m doing.

Listen, some things are beyond our control, some illnesses are beyond our control. we get sick, we don’t know why;  but let’s pledge to do whatever we can to avoid those high medical bills.

Let’s start this journey today and together. Using hashtag #TJMSFit, post your pictures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Your photos will be featured in weekly photo galleries on and on Twitter and Facebook at DonLemonCNN.

Are you all ready?