Comedian Chris Paul has a jingle for House Speaker John Boehner, he sings “Move Boehner, get out the way!”

4 thoughts on “‘It’s a Government Shut Down Because Obama is Brown’- MORNING MINUTE

  1. So I guess Bill Clinton is BLACK too since the gov shut down on his watch as well?
    what is truly absurd to those who are willing to THINK for themselves is the notion
    that if you disagree with this presidents policy’s you’re a Racist as if to say he’s right All the time
    and knows what’s best, Detroit is full of Black ladders who supposedly knew what was best

  2. Deegeejay on said:

    Yes of course, because Obama is Black this is silly, Dems and GOP have always argued and come close and have actually shut down I believe once in the last 20 years but the poor Black man is treated unfairly. I believe we as Blacks make more excuses than any other group. Stop using the so called race card at every incident.

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