Good morning, Tom.  Samuel Jackson is no joke.  I can’t even repeat, I don’t think I can repeat on the radio the word that he used to advise the President.

TOM JOYNER:  No, you can’t.

DON LEMON:  All right.  So I’ll paraphrase.


DON LEMON:  It’s the same word he used to describe, you know, what kind of snakes?

TOM JOYNER:  On the plane.

DON LEMON:  On the you know what plane.


DON LEMON:  You know what I’m talking about.


DON LEMON:  Mr. Jackson told Playboy magazine that Mr. Obama should “stop trying to relate, be a leader, be a blanking, it starts with an F, leader.”  How do you like that?  So minus the F-bomb the question is:  does he have a point?  Should the President stop trying to be so relatable and be more presidential? Maybe in the John Wayne/George W. Bush kind of way, or maybe in the Father Knows Best, ala Ronald Regan manner, or even in the hey, I am what I am Bill Clinton kind of nature.

The truth is as much as African-Americans love him and hate to hear people criticize him and understandably are routing for him, trust me, I get it.  The truth is he is the President of all Americans, not just black Americans.  And the majority of Americans right now are not happy with how President Obama is handling his job.  Brand new poll numbers out from CNN show that the President’s job approval rating is sliding.  And fast.  The poll question was:  How is President Obama handling his job as President?  In May, 49%; that’s below 50, 49% say they approved of his handling his job.  In July, 46% said they approved.  And right now 45% say they approve of the way the President is handling his job.  His favorability rating, according to a Bloomberg National Poll, 47% favorable.  And when it comes to handling the economy and foreign policy the numbers for him are even worse.  And look, don’t shoot the messenger by saying that I have it in for the President because I’m giving you this information.  I’m simply relaying what the polls show.  That’s what journalists do.  You can interpret the information however you like.  And by the way Congress has a measly 20% approval rating, the people who won’t get anything done for the President.

But back to the President and Samuel L. Jackson.  Jackson was actually responding to a GQ question about highly educated people, including the President consciously dropping G’s from words in order to sound more like the average Joe.  It wasn’t the first time.  Now Jackson, who is a Obama supporter, raised millions of dollars for him criticized President Obama.  In another interview he said he hoped “Obama gets scary in the next four years.”  And he also said that while Mr. Obama got heated over the New Town shooting he still is a safe dude, a safe dude who’s not getting any help from Republicans.  Okay.  No democratic president, at least in recent history, gets help from Republicans.  Bill Clinton certainly didn’t, Tom.  You know that.  No one hated him more than republicans, and they might’ve hated Hillary Clinton even more than they hated him. So let’s just be honest.  Part of the reasons republicans don’t like the President is because he’s a democrat.  Part of the reason, some republicans, not all, don’t like the President is yes, because he’s black.  You know that.  I know that.  They know that.  And the President knows that.

So that’s why, as I said before on CNN and elsewhere he cannot get heated.  He can’t get heated.  He cannot be the angry black man no matter how much some might want him, even Samuel L. Jackson – and Mr. Jackson, I love your movies, I love your tell it like it is attitude.  Don’t ever stop – so my question to you, Mr. Jackson, and to the listeners today, do you really want this man to go down in history as the angry black President?  It’s okay if you do.  I’m just asking.

TOM JOYNER:  One thing, if he does go down as the angry black President you won’t have another black President. And that’s for sure.

DON LEMON: That’s for sure.

TOM JOYNER:  Make ‘Em Think, Don Lemon.

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22 thoughts on “Obama, the Angry Black President?…Not a Good Look

  1. Angry Black Man on said:

    I’ve never been polled by anyone. As for going down in history as an angry Black President they are already doing that, and is history going to talk about the angry white people who want their country back? When CNN and journalist such as yourself start holding everyone’s feet to the fire especially when you know they’re there putting out hate, propaganda, and lies then we can have a debate about the angry Black President. It’s always been HIStory that’s told and not OUR story!!!!

  2. Who cares about CNN polls and Don Lemon advice. As far as I am concern, the President needs to get angry and let a few people know that he will no longer be step on!!!! Don Lemon is a puppet for CNN; CNN could not gag Soledad O’Brien and Roland Martin mouth, so their service was no longer required. The President should used his executive powers more often and stop playing with these idiots.

  3. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    Yall wonder why black boys become thugs. Rich azz Sam just verified that. We have an educated, smart BLACK MAN in office and folks have been swirling saying he is not getting angry.So therefore he ain”t black. REALLY. Then if he got angry he is an angry black man. I never thought I would see the day where white folks would get mad because a black man didn’t get angry. So the next time yall boogie people think that the ghetto kids are mad because your kids are not acting like a thug. Think about rich ass, ugly ass, dragon looking Samuel L. Jackson made because the President ain’t angry enough. Money don’t buy class. The President is smart he has gotten angry but he was so smooth yall missed it. So he ain’t leading because he isn’t hollering and screaming and acting like a fool. Folks didn”t treat Bush like that. Shame on you Sam you are acting like that crackhead in Jungle Fever. Go somewhere and sit your ugly snake looking behind down.

  4. Inoe Sen on said:

    Cut the drama! Who wants a job where the rule of thumb by default is chaos, corruption, and disagreement? The man has done well standing. If a black man cannot do anything for black Americans who have lived a life of unfair poverty and mistreatment then, who can? Wake up! We have to begin to help and not only complain and be a burden. Our President never stood in any way and said he was the savior of the world. And if he did, he’d be murdered. The anti-christ has a better job in the white house. If he’s cutting off the suffix, so be it. Who wants a job where no one listens or cares? Jobs such as those are the biggest regrets in living. How many of us would walk off a job after one week of BS? Many of us would escape from the white house everyday. Our president already faced great opposition by going into the white house as a black man. He has done a great job standing. We should appreciate something when ppl put their health and lives on the lines for us with good intentions. Do you know how stressful it is to work with crabs? If nothing can be done then, nothing can be done. Don’t look for an excuse to accept what we have already known all our lives. We obviously want a superman or some sort of action figure robot. The man is human. How long would you last at the white house knowing 90% of what needs to be done will never be done on your behalf? It is a waste of time to bash the President in any way. There used to be a saying that went, “If you want anything done you have to do it yourself.” Guess what, if you want anything done you have to do it yourself.” Else we all remain crabs in a bucket complaining over the fact that we have done nothing and are looking for someone to blame. In the end, it will not be our President to blame because we are afraid to stand and honor our abilities as able bodied citizens. In the end, it’s our fault. We can either continue complaining and being a burden, or we can actually try in some small way to care for our future one by one and as a whole. Other ethnic groups do for themselves and it shows. We are still stuck looking for someone to hand us a penny and it shows. .

  5. I agree that he cannot be an angry black man and folks like Samuel Jackson fail to realise this is one man that gives a lot of thought to what he’s going to undertake. Can you imagine if he rushed into things and became the angry black man that folks want, it would not be in his favor and this same folks would be the first to jump on him. Mr. Jackson, this is the real world and the man is not an actor and has to put a lot of consideration in the steps he has to take although these may not be the steps you want him to take. As for speaking white, there’s no such thing. Speaking proper is the way to address the majority. He definitely is not going to do any Ebonics or honkytonk. I don’t see that he’s veered from the way he normally speaks. Give the guy a chance

  6. I am sad to say that some black folks are doing to Mr. President Obama what JESUS’ people did to him. People please understand or remind yourselves that they have no respect for us and they believe ALL black folks are ignorant, so they are pressing every button hoping he will react so that they can say, see another ignorant negro. I admire Mr. President because for him to have to endure things I have NEVER seen any other president endure, takes self-control, humility, confidence,and the patience of JOB to say the least. As for me, I would not be able to hold that position because as much as I may think I can turn the other cheek, NOT…ALL the hood that is on the back burner would resurface and I would send them ALL straight to hell with gasoline underwear!!!

  7. as far as the polls… the numbers are screwed and President has the same or better like other 2nd president’s did at this time in their 2nd term…also when President obama ordered to kill bin Laden they said his approval rating was only 54% .. really?

    • yas: I never put too much credence on polls. I don’t trust them mostly because usually only a small number of people are polled. Sometimes 100s of people; sometimes 1000s. ButI’ve never seen a poll where millions of people are polled

  8. Yolanda Penn on said:

    It’s not about being’s about Obama need to stand for something…….he keeps trying to please others but not the ppl tht got him where he is which is majority of Americans….so he will fall right w the republicans……Obama and the republicans may have this as a plan….

    • I think he stood for healthcare and got that done. He has stood for gun control, but the republicans and their NRA pals have blocked it. It does seem like he went hard for gun control, he hasn’t had a strong stance for anything though. Its kinda hard to take a stand for something knowing it will probably be blocked by the republicans. It shouldn’t stop him, but I’m sure that is part of it. As Don stated, the approval numbers for congress are WORSE than the President, so people recognize this congress hinders ANY kinda of progress more than the President does. Presidents have to compromise a lot. I do agree that he should take a hard line stance on more issues publicly. There is a such thing as a “bully pulpit”. We will have to get out the vote during the midterm elections and toss out these republican, tea party loving, NRA worshipping, racist people!!!

      • dtown: So what SPECIFIC ISSUES should President Obama take a hard-line stance on? A lot of times people say the President should do this, or do that…..but they never outline specifically what he should do

    • Yolanda: So in your opinion EXACTLY what does President Obama need to do to “PLEASE” the people that voted for him? Details…..please

  9. Black must be sure to remember that President Obama isn’t JUST their president, but he is the president of the whole country, everybody. He HAS to represent all americans. Of course, because he is black and the first black to hold this position, black people feel a sense of ownership, entitlement & “cater to us only” attitude which in a way is understandable, but we must remember he has to serve all people. So, he can’t be the “angry black man”, “talkin black” and “actin black” while serving all americans. Just as Don stated, we all know some of the members of congress fight him in part because he is black. I also believe the people who take part in these presidential polls respond the way they do in part because he is black. I don’t take too much stock in polls about THIS President. Racist people taking part in them can skew the numbers.

    • I agree with comment # 2 and 3, nothing will get done by this Congress because they made a pledge not to sign anything this President put in front of them. The Obamacare law is just another version of Romney care. They are mad because President Obama got it done on Health care.

      • G: While you may be disappointed….lots of people are GLAD Don was added to the line up. To each his own. The fact of the matter is that Don gives commentary, and every one isn’t going to agree with every thing he says. Some times people will agree, and sometimes they won’t. Do we always agree with our friends, relatives, or colleagues? H to the nah! But most of the time we don’t discord them just because we don’t agree with every thing they say, or do

      • BoycottDonLemon on said:

        Evil don’t last always. Eventually, Don will be gone off the TJ. Don Lemmon does more dividing the black community with his commentary. I thought Tom Joyner would have learned his lesson from Tavis Smiley.

    • CTodd: It’s called ‘commentary’……..and not really about what Don “has to say about Black people” per say. And no offense but I’m sure there are lots of people that don’t care what you have to say either (or me for that matter). That’s just fact of life

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