Pastor Corey Brooks of the New Beginnings Church in Chicago made headlines last year when he crisscrossed the country on a walking tour to raise money to build a community center on the site of an abandoned building near his church. Moved by his story, Tyler Perry made a donation to help defray building costs. Brooks fell short of the $15 million he needs to build the center but did complete the walk from New York to Los Angeles raising over $500,000.

Sadly, Brooks’ city continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. This weekend in Chicago, 13 people were injured in a playground shooting that left a toddler in critical condition. Police say the shooting was gang-related.

Brooks joined the Tom Joyner Morning Show to talk about increasing gun violence in the city and what can be done to stop it. Listen above.

6 thoughts on “Pastor Corey Brooks Talks About Gun Violence in Chicago

  1. joe valdez on said:

    African American savage killings by uncontrollable brutality by a wild un civilized society . Quit blaming others , you African Americans commit 85% of all murders , and crime . 14% of America committing 85%of all crimes ? I suppose You guys are going to blame Whites ? Latinos? How about looking yourself in the mirror ?

    • Latinos are not white…they are illegals….thats what the whites call you….I know you can’t read to well so you just go around making up stuff……Did your lawn mower break? Becasue I know there’s some grass somwhere that needs to be cut…some tomatos or oranges need to be picked, some mexican girl needs another baby, some burritos need to be rolled. There is plenty of other things you could be doing.

  2. artis suitt on said:

    u are right on with your comment but the church going black people that beleive that getting them self to heaven is more important than any thing else.talking to these people are like talking to brick walls even there child to some means nothing that’s what most black america has become until we change and start thinking for our self the same will keep on happening.

  3. creativelybrown on said:

    When the black community says that god is more important than their sons and that heaven is a better investment, then it should be of no surprise they have no respect or reverence for community and family.

    The one thing that isn’t talked about is the black communities responsibility to raise a generation of young black men who won’t need government intervention or the intervention of the criminal justice system.

    No, the black community needs to do something and I believe that as I’ve said previously, black folks need to leave religion alone and invest in young black males with their money and time.

    Also, he can turn his church into a community center instead of taking money for his personal use and use the money he gets from parishioners to operate his church as a community center instead of a idol worship center.

    I’ll say it again, young black males are more important than believing in deities……I wish all black women who give birth to black males would see their sons as more important.

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