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Fight Allegedly Breaks Out At Drake’s NYC Pop-Up Shop [VIDEO]



Drake‘s new album is causing a stir in more places than just Twitter. An alleged fight broke out at the New York City location of Drake’s “Compliments of the Company” pop-up shop. Yes, you children of the millennium, it was all caught on camera.

There are conflicting reports as to what actually took place at the scene of the pop-up store, despite there being video. according to Complex.com, an employee at Alife was working where the pop up shop as going to be set and told a crowd that a fight had taken place. Supposedly, another employee later walked up and down the line telling potential customers that “the Drake thing was off.”

However, a third Alife employee told Complex that there was never an actual fight. “There was no fight. That was just a rumor. We ran out of shirts and needed to clear the line.”  Despite the employee saying there was no actual fight, eight police officers, four police cars, and an ambulance were on stand by at the location. Law enforcement officers on the scene also denied that a fight had broken out at the pop-up store’s location.

But there is video of the alleged fight floating around the internet. So who do we believe–the police, Complex, the first two Alife employees, the third Alife employee? Sound off with your hypothesizes of what happened at Drake’s “Compliments of the Company” pop-up shop.



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