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Two words for you:  George Zimmerman.  A lot of people have a lot of questions for him lately, including his estranged wife, that’s a whole other show though.  However there is one question that I haven’t heard anybody say, and I think we should be asking him, and we should be asking ourselves.  And I’ll tell you what that question is in just a moment.  I’m going to speak directly to George Zimmerman, though, because I hope he hears this segment and if you know him, please send the clip to him.  Email it to him.

George, since your acquittal just a few weeks ago you have been caught speeding twice, once in Texas where you got off with a warning, the other time in your home state of Florida, where you did finally get a ticket.

In the latest incident, with your soon to be ex-wife, and her father, it’s not clear yet whether you broke the law, but police did come, they did question you, and it’s being investigated as a possible domestic battery case because you allegedly hit her father and smashed your wife’s iPad because she was recording you with it.  Police say they didn’t recover a gun at the scene, but the woman you were with said that you had one in your vehicle.

And then, George, you had the audacity to take a big, cheesy smiley picture while touring the gun factory where the type of gun you used to kill Trayvon Martin is made.  You didn’t break the law with that one, but you certainly broke every rule relating to decency, and empathy, and couth.

George Zimmerman, haven’t you any shame?  Have you no decency?  No self-awareness.

Don’t you realize that while you escaped a life sentence the person you killed no longer has a life, and even though you were acquitted, like it or not, the reality is that there are many people around the world who are convinced that you got away with murder.  And perhaps you should spare those people, especially Trayvon Martin’s grieving mother and father, the unwanted burden, of having to see or hear about you in the media, in some cases seemingly gloating for your good fortune and your freedom.  Spare them.  Spare us.  Take the advice of a person who knows all too well about the media spotlight:  Donald Trump, who said about you, it’s good for everybody if he disappears.  This has been a really hard, traumatic verdict for the country.  And then Trump went on to finish his statement by saying that you, George, should “disappear for his own sake, and for the country’s sake.”

Why don’t you take a cue from Donald Trump, from Casey Anthony even and disappear from the spotlight.  OJ didn’t take that advice and you see where that got him.  Everyone, including many who supported you, George, are now scratching their heads wondering why after a trial where you got off Scott free that you haven’t taken a seat, that you haven’t taken several seats.  But what I really think is a better question for you, George, and for your supporters, the one that I want everyone listening today to ask themselves:

Why does a man who insisted that everyone follows the rules in law, especially Trayvon Martin, keep breaking the law himself?

67 thoughts on “Don Lemon to George Zimmerman: ‘Have You Any Decency?’

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    Sad that Trayvon is dead and cannot present his side of what happened. I believe that it was Trayvon screaming for his life as Zimmerman was in the process of shooting him. Zimmerman lied in claiming that it was his voice. Cold to kill someone and then lie about the person screaming for help.

    If Zimmerman killed a terrorist, his hero status by many would make good sense. But he killed an African American teenager. However imperfect this kid may have been, he was a human being. How many of us have done stupid things in our lives, especially as teenagers?

    Sad that we all have some young person in our lives who we love and hope in our hearts that nothing horrible ever happens to them, yet some of us in turn look at this young man’s tragic death and show love for his killer.

    • Trayvon was a wannabe thug who was high and tried the “knock out game” on the wrong little “white Hispanic” wannabe cop who happened to have a concealed handgun. To make Trayvon a “martyr” is bizarre. To compare him to those killed in the civil rights movement is outrageous. With this and a two term black president the race card hustle is officially played out.

      • Surely, if someone pursued you or someone you love with a gun, your position would be quite the opposite. Any of us would be terrified to have this happen. Your and others’ insensitivity toward this African American teenager, who was simply walking home to his father’s house, and becoming a fan of the man who killed him, unfortunately shows that racism is still here today. As much as you, and the rest of us, would like for racism to be nonexistent, I think that most rational people would have difficulty believing that if Trayvon was pursuing Zimmerman with a gun and killed him, that Trayvon would have your and other Zimmerman fans’ support. And they would have difficulty believing that Trayvon would not be in jail. Do you think that the Sanford police would have sent Trayvon home after shooting Zimmerman?

      • To jugglingforacurefilms1: You are what race hustlas need because you are what is known as a “useful idiot”. You make up and imagine facts to suit your idiot propaganda narrative. You’re a “juggler” alright, a fact and truth juggler. Your hallucinations can be easily refuted but you’re an intellectual clown and time is better spent trying to debate a house cat. In short, you haven’t a clue. You’re a dangerous imbecile and typical of why this country is in a fail trajectory. Go make some balloon dachshunds.

      • jugglingforacurefilms1 on said:

        All this tension and just because I and many others argue that it was wrong to kill a teenager just walking home, and that it is wrong to be insensitive toward his death. Why not use your zeal for the kid instead of for a cold lying killer? You think I’m against you, but your foe actually is the dishonest person who has wooed you. Use your energy for good, not for hate.

        As for the comment about racism being nonexistent because of Obama being a two-term president, if we are fortunate to have a gay president, a two-term president, would that entail that homophobia is nonexistent? No. Does it entail progress? Yes. What about a two-term woman president? No more misogyny? What about a Jewish two-term president? Would this mean that anti-semitism is nonexistent? Unfortunately no. To say that racism with its long history in the our country and throughout the world has disappeared because America has a two-term Black president is not a reasonable argument.

    • To jugglingforacurefilms1: You state “All this tension and just because I and many others argue that it was wrong to kill a teenager just walking home, and that it is wrong to be insensitive toward his death. Why not use your zeal for the kid instead of for a cold lying killer?”

      This is typical of leftist Democrats. Make up your own facts and narrative when the truth doesn’t work for you. Then, make a knee jerk propaganda emotional appeal on top of that. Trayvon Martin wasn’t shot because “he was just walking home”. He was shot because all the facts and witnesses and evidence showed that he punched Zimmerman in the face, knocked him down, got on top of him and started beating him. He got shot for that which is a risk of that behavior. Most people where I live (black and white) would have either beat his a$$ or shot him as well. How do you know that Zimmerman lied? What evidence do you have? Or, are you simply a bloviating moron, a leftarded gibberish spewing clown, a useful idiot manipulated by race hustlas? Let’s hear your evidence that Zimmerman lied. Because, truth juggler, a jury and court, including a judge hostile to Zimmerman and an Obama/Holder regime bent on punishing him and making a race baiting issue of this, failed to come up with sufficient evidence to show him a liar or that what happened was anything other than what he said. The tragedy is that such a person is given “martyr” status. Truth juggler, you obviously have an agenda and an opinion and the facts and truth will not change that. Thus, you are a dangerous imbecile.

      • You surely have had jury or judge decisions that you felt were not just. With those decisions, your argument would not hold for yourself. There have been many court decisions regarding African Americans (and others) that were not just. Dred Scott, for example, who the U.S. Supreme Court decided could not claim citizenship in our country because of his African ancestry. The brutal murder of African American teenager, Emmett Till, which received a not-guilty verdict. There have been numerous cases where African Americans have been unjustly shot and killed, and a jury returned a not-guilty verdict.

        Surely, those who applauded the Till’s decision would have been appalled if it was their kid that was brutally murdered for whistling. Any of us would have been. But they would not or could not see Till’s humanity. They did not see Till as a complete human being, as they considered themselves to be.

        If Zimmerman had stalked and killed someone dear to you, he would surely be no hero to you – regardless of any court ruling. Because you see yourself and those you care about as complete human beings. You cannot or will not give Trayvon his full humanity. You never saw him as a full human being.

  3. Don Lemon, there is nothing worse than being WILLFULLY STUPID.

    Saint Skittles was not skipping home from choir practice. He was out in the dark in the rain, between houses, attacking a neighborhood watch volunteer. But all you can see is that he was black so Zimmerman must be guilty.

    YOU, and all you who support thug behavior are the problem. Not GZ.

  4. Adolfo Pardo on said:

    I really don´t understand why you americans, even though I know how your judicial system works, why so much hate about a simple comment of a nice newsman and CNN anchor who is expressing his freedom of speech. In my country Mr. GZ would have being found guilty of murder since no one who is not a an officer of the law or an army member is allowed to carry any weapon in the streets.
    Let Mr. Lemon express his opinion, it is the right thing to do, and please stop being so discriminative between you all citizens of the USA.

    Adolfo Pardo.,M:D:; F.A.C.S, Ph.D.
    Mexico City

    • Tyrone Thigpen on said:

      The problem has been the focus on irrelevant arguments – some of which are actually unsupported by the evidence.

      1. ‘George Zimmerman (GZ) racially profiled Trayvon Martin (TM)’ There is no evidence of this.

      2. ‘GZ disobeyed an order by the police’ * The civilian dispatcher, Sean Noffke, testified that he did not give GZ an order and, in fact, he, like his fellow dispatchers, are trained not make comments that sound like commands. * Noffke also testified under cross that, as a result of his asking GZ which way TM was going, GZ could have reasonably interpreted this as being asked to follow Martin. * It is also not a crime in Florida to disregard a comment made by a civilian dispatcher.

      3. ‘GZ got out of his car’ Not a crime on public property and not negligent either.

      4. ‘GZ followed TM’ Again, anyone can follow anyone on a public street unless the followee has obtained a restraining order against the follower and even there, the RS only places time, place, and manner restrictions on the person enjoined.

      5. ‘GZ wasn’t really injured’ * Under Florida’s self-defense laws, one doesn’t have to be injured AT ALL to use deadly force * No one is required to refrain from defending himself while another is engaged in or attempting to commit a felony.

      6. ‘TM is dead through no fault of his own’ * If you believe that TM assaulted GZ, then he IS dead as a result of his own actions.

      7. ‘GZ could have left’ * Under Florida law, there is not a duty to withdraw rather than use deadly force * TM was straddling GZ so how the latter was supposed to leave the scene is unanswered.

      8. ‘GZ was armed and TM wasn’t’ * One’s fists can be considered weapons and can result in severe bodily harm or death. * GZ was legally carrying a weapon * There is no requirement under the law that the same weapon be used by the assailant * A homeowner can kill an intruder whether or not he has been threatened * Those that attack cannot feign surprise if they are met with superior firepower.

      9. ‘Stand Your Ground!’ * SYG is NOT at issue in this trial. * The defense is a classic self-defense case.

      10. ‘Black men NEVER get to use SYG!’ * Wrong

      11. ‘GZ is a man and TM was a boy!’ * As if ‘boys’ don’t commit murder, rape, and assault everyday in this country.

    • Dear Dr. Adolfo Pardo: How are those strict Mexican gun laws working for you? Last I saw you had whole cities and towns of law abiding citizens whom Mexico disarmed being held hostage by narco-terrorists, criminals, who ignore your “gun laws”. You have piles of human heads in your streets, headless bodies hanging from your over passes, and criminals with illegal fully automatic weapons and hand grenades in control of your country. Yet you boast that your citizens cannot legally defend themselves with firearms as Zimmerman did? That is true insanity. Why not allow your law abiding citizens this right and watch them clean up your country?

  5. Very unfortunate that this website is not sophisticated enough to provide a flag button to allow your decent posters to moderate this blog. There is absolutely no excuse for allowing a few racists to spoil the experience for everyone else. This Mark guy should be banned from the site along with a few of his friends that are here doing the same thing.

  6. Oh please. Why should he have shame for defending himself? Furthermore, since he was falsely accused by the media of racism, he has had to live in hiding. He no longer acts like a normal human being. Being out in the open is not a good thing. Sometimes people speed to get to places, and sometimes to get out of public view. The stress on their marriage was also huge, who knows how that alters a person. PTSD and ADD are other issues. So getting caught speeding isn’t that big a deal. AS for his wife filing for divorce, what better way to get a future court to sympathize than to accuse him of doing stuff related to his last court case. IE related to gun ownership. It is interesting that none of the other six witnesses ever saw a gun.

  7. I want all of you to take a look back at your negative comments and see how adolescent you sound. Your arrogance and disrespect towards each other are major parts of the problem. Instead of looking for a solution, you continue to fan the flames of your own self destruction. What Mr. Lemon says is valid, but personally, I believe everyone was already thinking the same thing. Don’s job is to talk, but talking does not always solve anything. That’s what this entire wall is; nothing but talk. Like little children, you throw insults at each other on a wall and then wonder why racism is still existent. It exists because most of you don’t grow up; you just grow old. By the time you discover the errors of your ways, you’re in a nursing home or convalescent waiting to die.
    So with that being said, I sincerely hope all of you hateful people look at yourselves from the outside so that you may see how ugly you are on the inside and change your ways to be beautiful. This is not to put any of you down… it’s to help bring you up and WAKE YOU UP. This type of behavior is synonymous children throwing tantrums. Now stop the hatred and learn how to show love for a change.

    An Angel has spoken
    …and only a demon would challenge me with a negative comment but know that I fear nothing. Thou art beneath me.

  8. Since when has Don Lemon become a voice for black people? He has stated his position about black people by agreeing with Bill O’Reilly….. now Russ is allowing him to atone with this dumb ass article??? Take this doo doo back where it came from! Why is this not released on CNN, the same place he chose to go off on black people, can he not get away with it on the white news outlet??? Why not send Zimmerman a personal message on his website or an open letter released on CNN! take your white/black gay ass outta here!

  9. Sheesh, talk about low rent. Mr Lemon, your guy in the White House is causing exponentially more damage to ALL citizens of the US than Zimmerman ever could. Why don’t you turn a critical eye to him?

    Furthermore, if you don’t want to see GZ, then TURN THE CHANNEL. My instinct is that GZ would love to disappear but the bloodsuckers in the media cannot wait for the next GZ tale, and you lap up every last drop.

    I’m so sick of this topic. The facts are the facts, and Zimmerman is NOT GUILTY of murder or manslaughter. Martin was killed in self-defense. Period. Live with it.

    Use some of your outrage for something useful. It might be a nice change of pace for you and your ilk.

  10. SandyLester on said:

    HEY When you have as much concern over baby Santiago who was shot point blank in the face by a black thug………you might have credibility./

    • Jose Dinero on said:

      Great point Sandy. We know who the murderers are in our midst. And we know what color they are most of the time. Fuck anyone else that doesn’t like the truth told to them.

  11. Jose Dinero on said:

    Nothing like a Black traitor to America spewin online. fuck you Lemon you miserable wretch. You tried to lynch Zimmerman and he slipped your noose. The good people of America stood by him. Stay in your Liberal enclave mo fo.

  12. Tom Joyner ,
    Don Lemmon has the nerve to put the word decency and George Zimmerman in the same sentence. Murderer and decency??? Don Lemon has been made the African American aficionado but he praises Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump’s advice for our community. I thought Tom would have learned about trickery from Tavis, but I guess not.

  13. Some people are probably thinking that P.Town is white; I think he’s black. Some people are also thinking he’s a racist, and I say so what if he is. If that’s his MO that’s on him. As for his comments there are a lot of truths in what he said. And I have been saying the same things for a long time. There is far too much crime in the (some) black communities, and for too long some of us have been turning a blind eye. As for Black crime……I’d like to point out that in th bigger realm of things it’s a small group of blacks that are committing these crimes. MOST black people are decent, up-standing hard working people, and we should not be lumped together as a group

    • Thank you Joy. If you are white the extreme odds are that you are going to be killed by a white person. If you are black, the extreme odds are that you are going to be killed by a black person. There are plenty blacks being killed, but by blacks, not “white Hispanics” like that idiot Zimmerman. There are no real “interracial attacks” to speak of, particularly by whites. It’s so rare that it is a “man bites dog” news story. The victims of black crime are overwhelmingly black. That’s not news because it happens daily, often. Yet there is this bizarre pathological focus and waste of energy on Trayvon and Zimmerman. Meanwhile, thousands of Trayvons are killed by other Trayvons and there is nothing from the black community. Worse than that, the “no snitches” rule prevails in black culture. White people don’t have a “no snitches” rule in their culture.

      • P: As I stated before…Yes there is too much crime going on that (LOTS) of Black people are staying silent about. But as for white people, and what they do (your comment…not my comment) “no snitches rule”….I really don’t give a shigady what white people do, or say. I don’t live my life worried about white people.

      • To Lee: White people don’t care if they are “profiled” if it stops crime. White people don’t have”no snitches” rules in their communities. White people are “profiled” all the time. White people are victims of “racism” all the time and blacks murder over twice as many whites every year as whites murder blacks. But you know what? Whites don’t obsessively b!tch and blame constantly. Whites don’t make martyrs out of drug using, syzzurp slurping, racist, truant, thieving thugs.

  14. Yes, I would like to see someone who disagrees show one city in America where whites murder more blacks than blacks murder whites. As shown, In all of the US blacks murder over twice as many whites as whites murder blacks. That’s crazy because there are 600% more whites. Seems to me like its “open season on white people.”

  15. P Wood, you don’t care about us or our problems, so why are you here spewing hatred? You need to commune with your fellow bigots who love and understand you.

    • Ty, “your” problems are all of our problems, particularly as whites are ithe victims of grossly disproportionate black crime and welfare. Ty, review the DOJ murder stats by race and city and show me ONE city where whites murder more blacks than blacks murder whites. Is devoting all of your marching and yelling and organizing against Zimmerman solving any real problems? Of course not. That’s why black problems grow. You only anoint “leaders” who tell you what you want to hear. Thus, you are leaderless.

  16. ApapeLove on said:

    Thank you “Really Dude”, for our class and tact. ❤ For me it was a breathe of fresh air. I am praying for you "P. Wood". I can feel the hatred that you have for me and my culture. What ever that has brought to this point, please let it go. Life is much too short and we as people (regardless of our race or ethnicity) have much more in common than we have different.

  17. So, black folks think they are in danger from whites even though facts and the stats show blacks murder 93% of blacks murdered and blacks murder over twice as many whites every year as whites murder blacks? That’s way past “stupid”, that’s insane.

  18. It is interesting to see two stupid people having a conversation and no one else is here. Shut up your ignorance shows and your lack of compassion really highlights your stupdity!!!!

  19. You think we’ll ever see an article called “Don Lemmon to the ‘hood: Do You Have Any Decency?” Da hood murders 93% of blacks.

  20. I think the black community should focus more on cleaning up black communities, instead of obsessing over Zimmerman and screaming “racism” about everything. If 93% of blacks are murdered by blacks, then why is so much energy being focused on the rare event when a “white Hispanic” shoots a 17 year old black teen who attacked him? The same black teen had been suspended from school multiple times, was caught with a large screwdriver (burglary tool) and women’s jewelry (ID’d as from a local burglary) in his book bag, who had pot in his bloodstream, liver damage from drinking syzzurp/lean, and bragged about knocking people out, etc. on social media? Right now as you and your media obsesses over George Zimmerman, black youths are being murdered in the hood by blacks. What are you doing about that?

  21. So let me see, black neighborhoods everywhere in the US are cesspools of murder, drugs, violence, and crime, blacks murder 93% of the blacks murdered in America, black children have no fathers, black reliance upon gubment handouts is epidemic, black unemployment and ignorance through lack of education is epidemic, and black America has made Trayvon Martin a martyr and still obsesses over George Zimmerman, a “white Hispanic”? Has black America any decency? Sanity?

    • Black neighborhoods everywhere? Every single one is a cesspool of violence? Please show the stats backing up your ludicrous claim. And furthermore, with regard to GZ being a white Hispanic, it’s not something that’s made up. Look at any U.S. Census form and you will see such a classification. n

      • Here you go Sharon, look at the stats in Chicago:

        In Chicago, WHITES ARE 42% OF THE POPULATION AND COMMIT ONLY 3.7% OF THE MURDERS. BLACKS ARE 36.8% OF THE POPULATION AND COMMIT 61.1% OF THE MURDERS. See a problem? Of course you don’t, you’re too busy shrieking about “racism” if anyone disagrees with your nonsense and blaming. You’re too busy marching around obsessing over George Zimmerman. These stats are demographically true in EVERY TOWN IN AMERICA. What is black America doing about it? Nothing but sitting on its behinds and screaming “RACISM!”. How’s that working for you?

      • Sharon, you know it’s true. I’m saying all hoods are like this. I’ve asked that you show me one hood that isn’t.

      • So the truth is “racist” or just telling the truth is “racist”? What is untrue about the statistics presented? That’s a lazy idiot’s approach to problem solving, shrieking “racism” whenever faced with facts that show the truth which you don’t like. Why aren’t you marching in the hoods to clean them up?

  22. A better question is : Does the black community have a shred of decency? Blacks (12.5% of the pop.) murder over twice as many whites (77% of the pop.) every year as whites murder blacks. Why is this not discussed? Yet blacks shriek “racism!” and claim it is “open season on blacks” after Zimmerman? That’s insane and you know it. You ignore the epidemic black crime and murder in the hoods, in Detroit, DC, Chicago, and every other black community in America, yet go on crazy attacks whenever you can accusing whites of “racism”. Polls (recent Rassmussen poll) show blacks even agree they are more racist than whites. So how is the black community acting “decent”?

    • Really Dude on said:

      I find it astounding that you post real & tangible information yet still fail to read and interpret it correctly. Facts apparently don’t matter to you. No matter how you do your math 3,172 + 2,695 + 180 + 84 will always = 6131. And that ratio is NOT 51%. Nothing wrong with facts – just be consistent.

      The better question is: Why is your focus on the killing done by blacks, while conveniently glossing over the fact that more people are still being killed by whites than any other ethnic group? If you seriously care about death (as opposed to some other agenda) what blacks are doing should hardly be your focus. It’s obvious you simply have a chip on your shoulder and need a place to get attention.

      Numbers, although important, are really irrelevant in Zimmermans case. Killing is killing. If you want the entire black community to conveniently be definied by those who kill in the black community, you better check yourself and start first by looking at those who are legitimately doing the most damage. I get the impression you don’t like what you see in the mirror – and instead prefer to shift blame elsewhere.

      The reality is – both ethnic groups (according to the stats YOU posted) have their own people to fear most. Maybe what you should be trying to figure out is why women seem to be “disproportionately killed” by your fellow white counterparts.

  23. Lemon is expecting far too much from this sociopath. George Zimmerman has long demonstrated he has no class. He will get his comeuppance and at the rate he’s going, it’s going to be sooner than later. One fine day, he’s going to be pulled over by the wrong state patrol officer. Or he’s going to run up on someone who isn’t some kid walking home in the rain with a bag of candy. On that day, if we’re lucky, he will be in the headlines yet again, in the same context as the one written for Ariel Castro.

  24. Ah, let’s focus on George Zimmerman to distract from the fact that blacks commit over 51% of the murders in America and murder twice as many whites every year as whites murder blacks (2011 crime stats: Blacks murdered 448 whites, whites murdered 193 blacks).

    Blacks murdered 93% of all blacks and what does the black “leadership” do? Scream “racism” and blame “white Hispanics”. Meanwhile, black communities are hell holes of violence, crime, murder, drugs, litter, and decay. You don’t have to be rich to rear your children and keep an orderly community.

    • Oh, and what makes it all so shocking is that while blacks are only 12.5% of the population, blacks commit over 51% of the murders and make up 39% of the welfare rolls. Whites, 77% of the population are under-represented in all crimes except DWI. Is it too much to ask of blacks that you commit no more crimes than you are represented in the population? If blacks murdered and perpetrated only at the rate of black population, crime would be cut in half in the US. Yet you want to disarm white people and eliminate “stand your ground laws”? How about quit committing the vast majority of crime in America and whites won’t need to protect themselves?

  25. It may seem like GZ has gotten away with everything including murder….. but the reaping will come! It may not come in a time frame that we deem appropriate, but trust that day will come. GZ will never be at peace here or down there!

  26. Don Lemon of all the people who have spoke out against the Zimmerman’s verdict, you quote racist Donald Trump, an idiot who disrespects the president??

  27. You would think GZ should just fade into obscurity but it seems as if he wants to draw attention to himself. I agree with others if he keeps this up he’ll go the way of O.J.

  28. You reap what you sow GZ!!!! God don’t like ugly. You may feel like you can get away (and have gotten away) with anything, but if you don’t chill crawl in a hole somewhere, you will regret it. Ask OJ.

  29. I have asked these same questions myself and truly the answer stares straight in the face. This person is a narcissus. Caring only about his selfish self and has no emotion or heart to care for anyone else…

  30. Blackspeak on said:

    Hey Don Lemon!… You’re playing with the keys to your coffin. The “Teflon Teddy Bear” Zimmerman could set you up, and use the SYG law to go free again…

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