Hate getting violated at the airport by good ol’ TSA? Well, the good news is, you will no longer be forced to take off your shoes, belt or jacket, remove your laptop from its case or show your bag of liquids to TSA ever again! The bad news? It’ll cost you.

The TSA recently announced that a hassle-free airport check-in is just $85 away. Along with the fee, folks will also have to agree to be fingerprinted. No big deal if you’re not a terrorist or anything. The program, which has already been available to over 15 million travelers (mostly elite or frequent fliers) is valid for five years in which you will eventually have to re-up. The expedited service is expected to expand to 60 new airports by the end of the year, with a total of 100 airports offering the program.

Kinda sucks that we have to pay for something we used to have, but honestly, if it means less of a headache when traveling, then sign me up!

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