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Divas, anyone? The first part of the “R&B Divas: L.A.” reunion kicks off tonight at 10 p.m. on TV One. Talk show host Wendy Williams, arguably TV’s head diva, is the hostess. After all the drama that took place on the show this year, would weaves and wigs be flying around the set? Maybe, but Williams kept the drama close to her, uh, chest, this morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

“Here are a couple of things that I learned. I’ll start with the good,” Williams said. “Chante Moore is such a lovable, nice lady who reminds me of a person I’d be friends with in another life. Because she’s so daggone pretty and she’s been around for so long, and I hate myself for thinking this, but I thought she was going to act light-skinned. I say that in a joking way. I thought she was going to be a mean type of woman.”

Instead, Moore the 40-something singer who just released a new studio album “Moore is More” has gotten a chance to showcase her prodigious vocal talent which has gone underrated for years. “R&B Divas” also showed Moore on good terms with ex-husband Kadeem Hardison, the father of her daughter. Things were not so good with her second ex-husband Kenny Lattimore, who sued her for custody of their son during the show. Wendy says she was just as surprised by the actions of Kelly Price.

“That show exposed Kelly Price, and you’ll see it unfold tonight, exposed Kelly Price for being a mean girl, a bully, a do-it-my-way-or-don’t do it at all kind of girl. You’ll see more of what she says tonight. And Dawn from EnVogue – that whole EnVogue movement was supposed to be about power and strength for women. And I know each of them lent something different to the group. She might not have been a lead singer but to me she was necessary to the group, diva down, tough girl. “R&B Divas” exposed her as being weak as water.”

Williams says that the “R&B Divas: L.A. Reunion” was not as dramatic as some others given that everyone was sober during the taping.

“The girl’s glasses were just props, nobody was drinking much to my dismay. They maintained their composure. But you’ll see how it all unfolds. I was sitting there with a dry glass the whole time waiting for them to drink up so I could go in. All the girls looked lovely and we did get some resolution at the end. It was an interesting time catching up with those girls from a particular era.”

Williams has no idea if the show is coming back to TV One or with who, but when asked who she’d vote off, she says Dawn for sure. As for the reigning diva of daytime? Her eponymous talk show returns on Monday September 16th. How you doin?

R&B Divas LA Reunion show 2 30 from TV One, LLC on Vimeo.

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