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Courthouse News is reporting that singer Johnny Gill has filed a lawsuit in Superior Court against the Four Seasons Beverly Hills.

Gill is claiming the hotel didn’t intervene when a drunk white man hurled racial insults at him and beat him so badly he was unable to perform.

Specifically, the assault happened two years ago at the Four Seasons on Doheny Drive in Beverly Hills on Aug. 23, 2011, Gill, 47, is claiming in his suit.

“Plaintiff was seated at the patio area of the dining/cocktail area with friends,” the complaint states.

There’s more:

“At approximately 11 p.m. on said date, another guest who was obviously very inebriated sitting at another table in the patio area, without provocation hurled racially charged remarks at plaintiff.

“Plaintiff is African American and this individual who uttered these racially charged negatives remarks was Caucasian.

“Plaintiff objected to these unsolicited remarks and when he did so, this individual pushed plaintiff with such force and intensity that plaintiff was thrust up against a heating lamp causing great bodily injury with resulting pain and suffering, major medical expenses and loss of earnings as plaintiff was unable to perform as an entertainer, plaintiff’s extremely successful and lucrative chosen profession for over 20 years.

“At no time did defendant’s security employees, staff or representative offer any assistance to plaintiff nor did any such intervene to protect plaintiff, prevent the individual from becoming inebriated and thus behaving in an unruly manner the result of which was the assault that was committed on plaintiff and the resulting injuries to plaintiff.”

Gill is seeking $1 million in damages for negligence, failure to intervene, failure to exercise reasonable care, pain and suffering and medical expenses. He is represented by attorney Michael Shapiro.

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13 thoughts on “Johnny Gill Sues Hotel Because Drunk White Man Beat Him Up

  1. Boy I tell ya,

    Some of these White racists on here need to be careful what they ask for. While all Blacks should not be made to take the punishment for other Black’s bad behavior, these racists may indeed get what they SAY they are asking for. When Blacks decide to clean up their own neighborhoods, start organizations (like the detroit 300) in order to lower crime in their own neighborhoods, start their own businesses, hire their own people and provide more scholarships to their own youth, these racists would be straight up hypocrites if and probably when they whine and cry about reverse discrimination. They told Black folk to stop looking for their next handout from the gubmint didn’t they? On the other hand, Blacks pay taxes too and are overrepresented in the US military so I do think it is asking to much for the government to invest in Black communities, but they must not wait on that.

    Blacks better realize that this a global economy. This means that Blacks need to stop using White Americans and their children as measuring stick of financial and academic success, because AMERICAN WHITE CHILDREN CANNOT COMPETE with the best of the best in the world academically. Black parents need to see to it that their children perform BETTER than their White counterparts and BETTER than best internationally.

    And some economists say that the US will cease to be the world’s dominant superpower in the coming years so Blacks better make a huge leap and learn to compete business wise on a global scale.

    • Pookie on said:

      Victoria Williams, you are either from another galaxy or related to Cleopatra because you are the queen of denial. Black youth are fatherless, and rapidly become ignorant, violent, and feral due to black culture being now based upon thug hip hop social retardation. You call whites “racist” for telling the truth and arming themselves against your crime plague. Name a predominately black city which isn’t high crime and failing. Detroit has been under Democrat black rule for 50 years. Disaster. Stand up and take personal responsibility and parent your children. Quit having kids you can’t support.

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  4. Pretty ridiculous lawsuit from a ridiculous dude. What about this white man beat half to death by four blacks with a hammer they stole from Home Depot?
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    • R Slater on said:

      Just why are you posting a comment on BlackAmericaWeb? Isn’t some “white site” for you to spew your slanted stats? I mean “Really”???

      • M Caldwell on said:

        Thanks R Slater, I was wondering the same thing. They need to stay on their site. They are always so quick to comment about Black Crime what about all the crime committed by white.

      • The stats are the truth and you know it. You don’t need the stats because you know it without them. You say “get off our black site” and constantly segregate race and “just us” when it suits you, but you rant, rave, and scream like spoiled bad children if a white person refers to you as “you people”. Well, the truth is you people are out of control, irresponsible, and lacking in leadership in your communities. Black communities are predominately hellholes of crime, violence, feral youth, litter and decay. You don’t have to be rich to keep a neighborhood clean and crime free. Whites work and give you free housing and you soon destroy it and use such areas as bases of operation to raid neighboring communities. Tell me this isn’t true and you know you are lying. Grow up, act civilized, take responsibility for yourselves, your children.

    • Sean Mack on said:

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