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The 15-year-old boy whose family said he was initially denied a place on a heart transplant waiting list has received a new heart.

Anthony Stokes underwent the five-hour heart transplant surgery Tuesday, August 21st according to family spokesman Mark Bell.

Doctors at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta reversed their decision to keep Stokes off the transplant list on Aug. 13 after a media outcry.

He was initially diagnosed with an enlarged heart and had been given only six months to live, but family members alleged doctors told them he couldn’t be put on the transplant list because of his history of “non compliance.”

However, after his mother and family members went to the media with their story, days later the decision was reversed,

The teenager is now resting and in recovery reports CNN.

8 thoughts on “Georgia Teen Anthony Stokes Receives Heart Transplant

  1. Wildflower on said:

    Shame on all of you! Do you feel the same way about anyone else that gets a transplant or is because this is a young black male? This young man nor his family did anything wrong for them to consider his to be “non compliant” this was just another way that blacks are being discriminated against and you all have the nerve to think that shit is ok. That is what is wrong with blacks today and why we haven’t reach racial equality because you are too quick to jump on the discrimination bandwagon right along with those that think you are less and deserves less. If you were in this young man’s shoes would people have to wonder if we’ll hear about you again or think that you would not do what is necessary to live. If you black muthaphukers don’t start loving yourselves trust me no one else will. I love my race soooo much but you all make it really really hard!

    • BlackBeauty on said:

      You are wrong!
      Stop being EMOTIONAL and think with common sense.
      Black folks get hearts, kidneys and other transplants everyday just like others who are on the various transplant list. Stop with the racist crap. You seem to be the one who does not love yourself.
      This boy and his family did not take the transplant procedure with a serious thought process. Then when they got in trouble and the transplant team wanted to take him off the list to give the heart to a more deserving patient (who could have been black or other minority) they suddenly went public and started the panic and tears!
      What blacks do not do is donate their organs so others can have an opportunity to live! This is where your concern should be. We are on the bottom of the list when it comes to donating anything!
      WAKE UP!

    • BlackBeauty on said:

      And another thing, why do you refer to black people as being (as you put it), black muthaphukers?
      What do you think that says to others?
      I guess ignorance truly is bliss.

  2. Mark my words. He will hear about him again. I know what all is involved in post-op transplant surgery. The discipline required to follow the drug regimen and the lifestyle changes required to stay alive and healthy after a heart transplant are life long, and daunting even for the most disciplined and serious minded patients, of which he is neither. Let me revise my first two statements. I hope we don’t hear about him in the future.

  3. BlackBeauty on said:

    Certainly hope he and his parents understand how important it is to follow orders with a transplant. Hope they know that this is a blessing to them, and will at least be thankful.

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