15-year-old Anthony Stokes, who was previously denied a spot on the heart transplant list at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, has now been placed on that list.

The hospital put Stokes on the transplant list on Tuesday afternoon after a public outcry and media frenzy surrounded his story.

Initially, his mother Melencia Hamilton received a letter from the hospital denying placement on the transplant list because of his “history of non-compliance”.

However, she claimed her son did not have a track record to prove he would not take medication or follow doctor’s orders properly; citing that it was unfair to keep him off the list. He also did not have a history of illness.

Hamilton received the letter despite the fact that she was told the only way her son could survive was through a heart transplant.

Luckily, according to the Inquisitr, Stokes has been moved to the top of list and he will receive a heart as soon as one comes available because of the “severity of his illness.”

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5 thoughts on “Teen Anthony Stokes Previously Denied, Now Placed on Heart Transplant List

  1. Wildflower on said:

    Why wouldn’t he? Do you hope the same for all the other 100’s of thousands? And do you also feel that they or their parents is not serious about their transplants. Shame on you! It was the doctor/hospital that was wrong in this situation and you’re bashing the victim. Let’s hope this never happen to you or someone you love.

  2. I hope he takes this seriously as well as TRULY treasures the fact he is being placed on a list with 100’s of thousands who are waiting for this life-saving organ. Perhaps his Mother is not serious about making sure he lives.

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