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According to TMZ, George Zimmerman was hauled over for speeding and yes, he had a gun with him.

The stop happened in Forney, Texas on Sunday, just after noon.  Zimmerman told police that he was headed “nowhere in particular” and informed them he had a firearm in his glove compartment.

And since he didn’t have any warrants, Zimmerman was given a warning and sent on his merry way with a polite goodbye, “Have a safe trip.”

The stop lasted around 5 minutes.

TMZ says the police say Zimmerman was NOT wearing a disguise. It was full blown George Zimmerman.

(Photo: AP and TMZ)



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20 thoughts on “PHOTO: Zimmerman Stopped for Speeding in Texas – with Gun in Car

  1. djstcroix on said:

    In response to JanCorey: you keep calling people either uneducated or ignorant of the facts of the case, well let’s look at the facts:
    1) he, GZ carried a weapon, he was a neighborhood watch not a police officer. But you’re right still not illegal to carry his firearm.
    2) he followed TM even after being asked not to. To follow someone is not a requirement of a neighborhood watch. If he had allowed the police to do their job TM would still be alive today.
    3) he did profile the kid, he did say to the dispatcher that “they always get away”, once he said that he has just profiled the kid either as a criminal or a black person.
    4) as far as TM jumping Zimmerman, it was clearly established that gz was following the kid, and any other event that happened came frm Zimmerman who can say what ever he wants to say because the only other witness is dead.
    5) with the fact that martin knew he was being followed had a right to defend himself and stand his ground. And whether martin was high, drunk, suspended from school or any other alledged allegation, does not and should not be a factor in this case. He was not committing a crime, he was walking down the street. Don’t forget “you are innocent until proven guilty”
    6) finally George was aquitted because the state prosecution team was incompetent.

    • JanCorey on said:

      Djstcroix, you are still wrong, again, and in contrary to the facts of the case. George Zimmerman DID follow the dispatcher’s advice and he was asked for addresses and numbers that were not lit up by lights. He did EXACTLY what the dispatcher asked of him to do. Appears you missed all or most of the trial, D, sorry, but you can elevate your own ignorance by doing some research on the case because you clearly are not aware of the facts of the case. Take your meds as prescribed by your doctors and best of luck to you if you choose to become educated to the facts of this case instead of your current uninformed-position and rant.

  2. msyellarose on said:

    I wonder if Zimmerman knows that in Texas, pretty much everyone has “a gun in their glove box”. He may not want to stick around too long. Folks here are bigger and badder than he thinks he is. Another example of how “we” are treated differently by police, I had a brake light out recently, was pulled over and ticketed. How was I to know that a light on the BACK of the car was out? Was I given a warning and told that it needed to be fixed? Nope. This clown was speeding and probably knew it. Again, he was let go and this time he was breaking the law.

    • JanCorey on said:

      Msyellarose, your jealousy of George Zimmerman shines through your comment, but more importantly, your lack of understanding of the Law shines even brighter.

  3. PR McGary-Madden on said:

    This country was founded on hard work and a belief in the “inalienable right” to life, liberty, and peace. Those who believe in truth and justice are Americans. We tend to believe in the Union.
    There are people who did not believe in any type of work. They were so lazy that they created laws to ensure someone else would burden the work load. They do not believe in the right to life, liberty, or peace. They believe in deceit and their right to be unruly rogues and outlaws. They tend to believe in the Confederacy.
    It’s that simple!
    Remember these people are not Americans. They never were. They came here to prey on other people and when that got complicated tried to create their own Confederate America on our resources.
    How did that work out for ya?
    These people are not Americans –they made that clear in 1872- so cares what they think. I only listen to Americans when talking about America. Those people are now irrelevant. Their opinions are meaningless, so ignore them like any other pouting children. They are no longer in control of this country, so now they resort back to their deceitful and criminal ways.
    Ignore them.
    For everybody else – contact me by email ( for real solutions.
    God bless Americans!

  4. jhuff on said:

    He’s not going to last long,he’ll never show his face in public,he’ll be a sad lonely man? really cause it looks like his living his life just fine and laughing at the people who don’t know there asses from there mouths. …just an observation

  5. the Timekeeper on said:

    Stephanie, Uncle G, please be advised. As in the Wizard of OZ, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, ir in this case JanCorey. He has been on all of these sites since the Zimmerman verdict for the sole purpose of stirring up addtional racial hatred and divide. He has already been found out and exposed, his hood has come off. Do not bother to respond to any of his vile posts, they are not designed for objective conversation, but merely for division and nullification. Rest easy and leave his comments be. Not worth your time or effort. Have a good night.

    • JanCorey on said:

      Timekeeper, again you are incorrect with your rants and attacks against fact-providers that simply pose facts that you do not fully understand; clearly. Contrary to your description of me, I have never done any of the accusations you have made against me but you have proven what I have stated so many times here about the facts are true and it is people like you that are deficient of the facts. Perhaps you have a mental illness, who knows, it does appear so but we give you the benefit of the doubt since your education-competition-level appears to be quite miniscule. May I suggest that you stop allowing facts to hurt you, while the facts do point out your inability to do a through research of the facts, your rants still and never will change any of the facts of this case. Open yourself up to knowledge, and if you finally choose to do that, I believe you will find that information is a wonderful and fruitful thing. Put your efforts into actually learning instead of attacking people who are better-informed and of people you are seemingly quite jealous of due to their higher-level-of-knowledge than yourself. Good luck to you and God speed.

  6. Stephanie on said:

    JanCorey I feel very sorry for you, you are a waste of sperm, a low life maggot. zimmerman the coward took a child’s life and got away with it. If zimmerman was a real man, he would have kicked Trayvon’s ass using his fist, not a gun. How can you bring a gun to a fist fight then cry self defense, yes Trayvon was defending himself against that cowardly pervert.

    • JanCorey on said:

      Stephanie, no need to feel sorry for me, I sure don’t feel sorry for you except for your apparent deficit in your ability to understand the facts and the Law of this case. Your description of everyone that you are jealous of is a coward is also not true, but simply an example of your knowledge of this case which isn’t very good or even accurate. George is a real man, but you would have already known that fact if you had understood the court trial which resulted in an Acquittal of all charges against him. Every time you comment on blogs, you seem to shove your own foot farther and farther down your own throat, and you are now at the stupidity-point listed on WordPress as a “troll” which I happen to agree with them, look it up. May I suggest you spend less time attacking others that are better-informed with the facts of this case and more time actually learning the facts of this case and hopefully you will regain at least a little fraction of the hole you dug for yourself. Best of luck to you in your recuperation if you still have any air left to breathe. (I forwarded your comment to the FBI because it was a violation of your state’s internet-predator violations). I suggest you save all your pertinent pc-data you may want saved just in case you soon no longer have ready-access to your pc. Hurry, time is limited. Good luck with your upcoming case.

  7. JanCorey on said:

    Good for George to be packing heat; excellent choice for him, especially if he runs across another attacker like Trayvon, then George can defend himself again. Mr. Zimmerman should be our next president of the United States of America if you ask me.

    • JanCorey on said:

      Uncle G, I forwarded your threat to George Zimmerman to the FBI. You may want to copy all of your pertinent information on your pc before you no longer have ready-access to it once they confiscate it. Good luck to you. George Zimmerman for president of the United States of America.

      • JanCorey on said:

        There is no punishment for George regarding racial profiling because he was not even charged with any crime associated with racial profiling and the jurors said they debated and concluded there was no racial profiling in this case. The only people that are claiming there was racial profiling are the same people the believed George Zimmerman would be found guilty of murdering an illegally-high-thug who bashed a victim’s head into a cement sidewalk and did not believe he was responding to save his own life. The only criminal in the George Zimmerman vs. Florida case was Trayvon Martin, and I am sooooooo very glad he’s now dead through his own actions.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Rj, that is not a crime either. My goodness, you look foolish. Trayvon was the criminal, not Mr. Zimmerman.

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