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Former rapper Foxy Brown is accused of stealing $900 worth of hair weave.  The beauty shop owner says Foxy snatched the hair and hauled ass.  Wow.  Foxy really wigged out.

 She was caught dead in her tracks.

 Sounds like Foxy’s coming unglued.

 No more stealing curly hair.  From now on Foxy’s going straight.

 NBC is creating a Hillary Clinton mini-series starting actress Diane Lane.  The critics say Diane Lane is too sexy to play Hillary Clinton.  They need to find someone more Hillary looking, like Kathy Bates or Bobcat Goldthwait.

Now if the mini-series is based on Hillary’s life then Bill will be played by actor Jeff Bridges.  But if the miniseries is based on Hillary’s fantasies then Bill will be played by Idris Elba.

All hail King James.  According to the latest ESPN sports poll LeBron James is the most popular player in the NBA.  And after LeBron it’s Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose Dwyane Wade and Tim Duncan bringing up the rear.

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