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R&B crooner R. Kelly had folks in Cincinnati upset after he showed up to his performance at the Macy’s Music Festival over one hour late.

Kelly was slated to begin performing at 11:40 p.m. but did not hit the stage until 1:00 a.m., reports a local Cincinnati newspaper.

The Macy’s Music Festival posted an explanation on their Facebook page, it reads:

The Macy’s Music Festival wants to thank everyone for supporting the most successful show in its 51 year history. Attendance was up over 50% and more than 70,000 concert goers enjoyed a spectacular weekend.

Thank you for your continued support. The only blemish to the weekend was R Kelly’s delayed performance. The show was held up by 50 minutes due to Mr Kelly’s late arrival.

R. Kelly blamed technical difficulties on his late start.

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7 thoughts on “R. Kelly Shows Up Over an Hour Late to Concert

  1. Tyra1972 on said:

    Just don’t go to his show he won’t lose to many fans just your state hello sounds like he wanted your selfish asses to be closer to him!!!!!

  2. dtown on said:

    Isn’t there anything we as fans can do to stop this? Some type of boycott, temporarily stop buying music, concert tickets or something?? These artists need to know that this behavior is not right and not fair to the fans that support them. 2 hours late with NO apology AND arrogance?/ HELL NAW!!!! Does he have a twitter or facebook page? Maybe fans should flood it with their criticism.

  3. Renee on said:

    I was there as well. He was TWO hours late and pathetic. Didn’t even apologize for keeping us waiting. He had the audacity walk off the stage when security didn’t move his fans closer to the gate as quickly as he wanted too. He’s arrogant as hell and I will NEVER pay to go see him anywhere.

  4. dtown on said:

    There are several artist that are KNOWN for starting their shows late. Not sure if anything can be done to stop, slow down or discourage this, but its not right when a person pays there money and have to wait 1 or 2 hours for the show. These artists should step up and do something for the suffering fans. Not sure what, but SOMETHING!! I hope Erykah Badu reads this!! LOL!!

    • jewelchris on said:

      OMG… my mother hate erykah…will never see her again! She did us so dirty…. after it happened 2times! She said she wont go see her if that heiffer is playing in her backyard… lol

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