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Former President Jimmy Carter says that the Zimmerman jury made the right decision.  What?  Jimmy Carter, on behalf of black America, go eat some nuts.

While performing onstage on Ireland legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen sang a song dedicated to Trayvon Martin.  But since it is Bruce Springsteen.  ♫ ???? ♫ no one understood a damn word.

Tamar Braxton says that at one time her husband Vince only dated white woman.  You know, Vince’s case is not unusual.  Many black men who used to date white women end up married to his sister.

But now there’s help at the J. Anthony Brown Center For Interracial Relationship Reversal. African-American men are put through an intensive rehab to get all of their lust towards black women out of their system.  And after five weeks of detox the brothers will once again learn to like bland cooking, Katy Perry music and the TV show Big Bang Theory.  Call the Jay Anthony Brown Center for Interracial Relationship Reversal at 555-12-SWIRL.  Remember brothers, once you go black you can go back.

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2 thoughts on “J. Anthony Brown has a Center for Interracial Dating?- MORNING MINUTE

  1. Joe Ann Wilson-James on said:

    I basically do not have a problem with interracial dating/marriage. It is when brothes and sisters will
    only date people of other races and portray their own people as not worthly of dating or marrying that
    things get ugly. This to me says that they do not like who they are and they do not have any love
    for their own people.

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