Case Of The Ex

exClaudette and her ex-husband and ex-band mate, Ryan Toby (City High) met for lunch. Ryan asked Claudette if she was thinking about recording music again and tried to push her to get back in the studio. Of course, as all meetings with your ex go, the conversation switched from music to their past relationship and Claudette realized that she wasn’t sure if she could trust herself around Ryan or trust Ryan at all for that matter. Ryan then made thing even more awkward when he asked Claudette if she still loved him. It looks like Claudette has a case of the ex.

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On the other side of L.A, Chante was also meeting up with one of her ex- husbands, Kadeem Hardison. Chante ad Kadeem seem to have a great relationship even after their break up and Chante considered Kadeem as someone whom she could lean on for support. Chante confided in Kadeem that her other ex, Kenny Latimore, was suing her for full custody of their son. Chante’s emotions were all over the place from the whole ordeal and it was great to see Kadeem being there for support during this time.

Will Claudette go back to the studio with her ex? Will the ladies open up about their past for Kelly’s project? Find out next week!

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