Hand washing is a safety precaution – it’s one of the best was to control the spread of disease. Teach your child how to wash their hands. Make certain they wash for at least 20-30 seconds using liquid soap. Because children have a hard time judging when 20-30 seconds pass, teach them to either sing their ABC’s when washing, or the Happy Birthday song — twice. Teach them to use hand sanitizer, particularly when soap and water aren’t available.

Lesson 4: Teach them about health safety

Teach them to recognize places where they might trip and fall. Also, teach them to wear protective equipment every time they go out to play, particularly when they ride their bike, as well as how to use proper hand signals when bike riding.

Lesson 5: Teach them how to get help

Have a central place in the house where emergency numbers are posted. Teach your child how to use these numbers to contact emergency personnel and family members.

Lesson 6: Teach them how to respond in case of a fire emergency

Have a fire exit plan in your home and practice safely escaping the house on your hands and knees to avoid smoke exposure. Teach them how to first touch a door to see if it’s hot before trying to open it and escape through it. Teach your child to stop, drop and roll if their clothes catch on fire.

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