As millions watched coverage of the George Zimmerman trial, many were curious as to who the black woman was on the defense side of the court room. Many were puzzled as to why she’d be working to support the killer of unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin.

34-year-old Channa Lloyd, who is in her third year of law school in Orlando, not only worked for the defense, but she also volunteered.

Watch Lloyd explain her decision to join the defense on a recent interview on CNN. Let us know what you think.

(Photo: AP)

47 thoughts on “Who’s That Girl? Black Intern on Zimmerman’s Defense Team Speaks Out

  1. Michele on said:

    Yep….call her the next Clarence Thomas or Mrs. Uncle Tom. Typical black chick who is willing to do anything even forsake her own race to climb the white mans ladder of “so called success”.

    • Or, she could just gap them legs, get squirted by a rap star or an athlete, have a couple of little critters and just live off the child support. Easy peesy. Right? Btw. Uncle Tom was a hero.

  2. Channa Lloyd is smart, and her climb up the career ladder will be impacted by her involvement with this case…..perhaps at the high cost of people questioning the side she chose, and she may lose a few friends, but contrary to people thinking her involvement on the defense side of this claim is contradictory, she just got to participate in a high-profile case that most tenured attorneys wish their whole careers would land on their desks and she’s not even finished with law school yet. She just secured herself a spot in the “Who’s Who” among young, successful BLACK attorneys, who will be sought after to defend prospective BLACK defendants in the future. Don’t knock her hustle, she gained some valuable experience in this and will more than likely pay it forward to her community. Leave the girl alone.

  3. casey on said:

    My question is how in the hell could she just tell he was not a racist? Was it becuase O’mara said so and if she has never come in contact with a racist how the hell can she just say he’s not a racist? Of course O’mara would say he’s not a racist so they can show people that zimmerman get along with black people…. Did anyone notice that she had NO CONTACT AT ALL WITH ZIMMERMAN DURING THE TRIAL!!!!! Please BYE GIRL!!!! what it is she’s hoping they will offer her a job when she’s done law school at the age of what 36 when most are finished at 22 again BYE GIRL!!! They didn’t ask her to be on the case she volunteered her services in hopes for a damn job….In Racist FLORIDA!!!!! She should have asked the murderer if he was a racist…

    • There is no evidence that Zimmerman is a racist. After a 1 year investigation the FBI FOUND NO EVIDENCE. He was protecting his neighborhood from thieves, and Trayvon jumped him and tried to kill him. He still should have found a way to not mortally wound Trayvon but Trayvon being on “lean” messed up Trayvon’s thinking and he was paranoid and angry at the world and already in a heated argument with Rachael Jenteal (sp?). He was also a jewelry thief and very possibly casing the neighborhood. The police in Miami still have the stolen jewelry and the burglary tool. They are now classifying the jewelry as stolen as it was at the beginning when he was caught on tape vandalizing the school. WTF.
      Anyhow if you want to go after George then look at what his cousin says about molestation

  4. Truth Teller on said:

    She is the next Clarence Thomas. In fact she could have put on a better performance than Samuel L. Jackson playing the role as Steven in Django unchain. It is people like her the reason why were in slavery for so many years.

  5. You know what I find disgusting?! How so many of you are quick to point the finger at her, call her names, and be rude towards her. She is a Law Student, she HAS TO intern as a part of her curriculum. Why would she turn down the opportunity to be a part of a precedent setting case such as this. It’s sad the black community is so quick to judge and call someone an unlce tom when they doing something we deem “not black” Just because she was an intern doesn’t mean that she completely believes the GZ was innocent. Her job was to research, and stay in the background. How many of you trolls, can handle the case load that I’m sure she was given? How many of you can handle the pressure of law school? Why are you knocking this girl for doing what she needs to do in order to better her future? Her resume is set. Which more than most of you can say. But I get it, most of you would rather unintelligent, ignorant, coonish behavior to represent us as black people. Instead of an articulate, smart and driven young woman.

    • I tell ya Floyd, the crab in the barrel mentality of black people will suck you right down if you let it. Now, if she was on stage somewhere, slinging around fake hair, legs gapped open pretending to be a singer, or prancing around on stage with a big pink dick strapped around her waist because she knows damn well he can’t sing, all you’d hear is how rich and fine she is. It’s a sickness and I fear it’s terminal.

      • What a great example you set to prove your own point. Crab you managed to pull women that have chose other avenues to make it in life as well as all blacks right back down in the barrel with you. Great job!

  6. I can tell you from many years of personal experience many hide their racism until it slips out. This guys own cousin said it best. He doesn’t like any blacks that don’t act white. He would like here. Plus she helps his case.

  7. ognkc on said:

    Who gives a shyt who she is, sh’es a member of the “NAAM” not to be confused with “NAACP” which is also BS NAAM = “National Association for the Advancement of ME” that Biotch could care less she concerned about herself she obliviously is a victim of the Willie Lynch Syndrome and can’t live without Massa, she took the blue pill.

  8. Jiggy5 on said:

    WOW you fools never cease to amaze. Ignorant people on here celebrating the train wreck that was Rachael Jeantel and dissing the motivated, articulate Channa. That kind of thinking will forever entrench the Hot Ghetto Mess that you live on a daily basis.

  9. Willie Wrice on said:

    It’s always a Oreo somewhere who want to play hero for the others. Fuck her y’all can have her. Black race don’t need her.

  10. jhuff on said:

    Hm note to self buy stock in that company that manufactures the Race Cards cuzz we sure like to toss um around. And considering most black people are lackeys to the party of racist’s (Democrat) I guess
    You get a supply of them when you register where is it etched in stone we’re ALL suppose to think, act, have the same opinions and beliefs… she’s not afraid to go her own way.

  11. Judy on said:

    People really do see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. Do you not know the meaning of the word VOLUNTEERED? She CHOSE to be a part of this case, they didn’t seek her out. Either learn how to read or keep your ignorance to yourself. Then again ignorance IS bliss.

  12. Prayforloveandunderstanding on said:

    What a level headed, brilliant, well-spoken, independent woman!! She refuses to let anyone define who she is and what she believes. Good luck Channa Lloyd, I know you’ll go far. Don’t let racists, black or white, bring you down!!!!

  13. Myra on said:

    She is so clearly clueless; but she is going to Law School in Orlando. I didn’t even know Orlando had a law school. It’s sad and her ignorance is bliss.

  14. majestic on said:

    Dear Channa:

    You was just a token black for the defense sweetie , enough said.

    “See jury how can George be a racist, we have a black woman on our defense”

    – Mark O’ Mara

  15. Ms. Lloyd is young, and still has lots of life’s lessons to learn (just like most young people do). It was her decision to be part of the defense team, and whether we agree with her decision, or not… was her decision. How many among us have ever made a decision that others didn’t agree with? She’s a very intelligent woman. I wonder how many people on this thread are intelligent, and disciplined enough to be in law school. Food for Thought!!

  16. it’s not hating my own race, its stating a fact. I have worked in the legal field for over 25 years and have seen blacks and hispanics given cases that Caucasians would not touch because they knew it would ruin their chances of advancement. She will advance, but she will not go as far as the white man next to her. And in her advancement, she will sacrificed her own kind, defended those who are against her and her own kind, and still not reach the very top. Take a look at law firms in america and see how many black women partners there are, and if their story is not what I am depicting her. And a note on hating my own race, caucasians are the inventors of hate, from the beginning of my time, my ancestors time and still today. you not only hate blacks, you hate all races, including those in your own who are different from you. So take a look in the mirror before you speak because none of us live in glass houses.

  17. Raleigh Delesbore on said:

    I apologize for the mis spelled words, and grammar usage in my post. So in your reading of the post make the corrections. thanks

  18. Raleigh Delesbore on said:

    I really feel sory for this woman. The defense team was smart enough to grab unto her. I really don’t know how she will be able to right with her self. Racial healing is a metaphysical term in this country. She let white people use her, only because of the color of her sckin. And believe it or not this was their argument that they and gz was not prejudiced. BS

  19. Dante on said:

    She is a breath of fresh air. She is incredibly bright and the future of race relations and improvements in this country starts with her!!!

  20. niko on said:

    Yes, I saw her speak on the news and she answered he is not a racist. Well Channa, go take a walk in his neighbor with your brother, uncle, father, who has on a hoodie and see what happens. Of course he wouldn’t put on his racist face during the trial. She was a volunteer puppet for the defense team, as it was stated there were more qualified interns to take that post. Some people have the heads so far up the white man’s ass in order to be successful that they don’t what is right in front of their faces. She’ll succeed, turn on people, be classified as bourgie and live a adequate monetary life, but her sole will be so empty and hollow because she won’t be allowed to be her authentic self.

    • Now, let me get this strait. She has met and spent probably countless hours in the company of GZ. You have never even been in the same zip code as him, and you know him better than she does. Have I got it?

  21. JDZC on said:

    Channa, there are thousands upon thousands of George Zimmermans out there. Hope none of your
    relatives cross paths with any of them.There are a lot of people that you can help represent and you’re
    helping out this killer. You are a token flunky AUNT TOM!!!

    • The jury made the correct call. She shouldn’t pay attention to in lawless monkeys that don’t like her because she were just doing her job. You really can’t reason with black democrats.

      • Diandra on said:

        What??? You illiterate fool. The jury made the right call?? Really you and that waste of skin volunteer heifer can go to he**

  22. floyd_son on said:

    Channa Lloyd was there soley as a deterent to the racism that was “not” being discussed in this trial. The defense team was estatic that she was a student but I hope that her experience was an opportunity to keep this type of injustice from ever happening again.

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