Justin Bieber is out of control.  In this one week he got a nightclub in trouble for serving him alcohol when he’s a minor.  Then his homeboy, Little Twist, got arrested for driving Justin’s car while high off weed.  And on top of that TMZ posted video of Justin peeing in a bucket in some restaurant kitchen.  Now I don’t know how spiritual Justin Bieber’s parents are, but it’s time for them to ask themselves, WWJD, What Would Joe Jackson Do?

 Sherri Shepherd is some kind of excited about Jenny McCarthy joining the view.  When asked about adding Jenny to the show, Sherri had only one word to say, ‘yay!’.  But when Sherri Shepherd finds out that they’re paring that white girl more than her, she’ll have two words to say.  ‘Bull sh*t.’

And congratulations to Halle Barry and Olivier Martinez.  Word is they plan on getting married this weekend.  Oliver possess the most important quality a woman looks for in a husband, he could whoop her baby daddy’s ass.  But this is Halle’s third time down the aisle.  And I’m not saying divorce is imminent, but the couple is registered at

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