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Having trouble putting your little ones to sleep? Well, worry no more!

According to reports, Jill Scott recently finished recording a children’s lullaby album. The mother of four-year-old Jet said she embarked on the new project to aid parents during bedtime.

“I don’t want the lullaby album to be taken lightly. This is phenomenal music, phenomenal lyrics and it’s so good for you – it’s so good for you,” she said. [You can] turn that joker up, walk out the room, [and] let them (the kids) learn how to go to sleep.”

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She went on to say that the album can be useful for adults, too.

“It’s a medicinal record, it’s meant for people who have insomnia – but it’s not your traditional lullabies; it’s incredible musicianship and lyrics that are intended to inspire you in your reset,” she explained. “It’s almost like deprogramming the negative things that occur in life and the negative things that are said about you as a person.”

She added, “I’m making conscious decisions, but I’m also going by my spirit what feels right to me, what feels genuine, feels true, what feels good.”

Jilly from Philly also revealed she’s working on her fifth studio album.

“My plan is to release two albums within my calendar year; I started in April, so for me the time is up in April [2014]. I’ll release the first record around November/December and the other one in [northern] Spring,” she said.

The 41-year-old songstress covered the May 2013 issue of Ebony with her son.

jill scott ebony magazine


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