“Uh, Mr. Al Sharpton/Here is why I don’t respect you and nobody like you.”

Remember the beginning of that Lil Wayne verse on “Misunderstood” a few years ago? So you’re probably wondering how Weezy F. Baby and Al Sharpton plan on working together to write a book.

Wayne and Sharpton have been going at it for years over hip hop on its effect on the community but the two opposites have chosen to work together. “The Rejected Stone,” is a book that will chronicle Sharpton’s “personal evolution” from starting out as a ‘street activist’ to becoming a political candidate and civil rights spokesman. He will also include his thoughts on Weezy and a few other rappers in this book.

We don’t know Wayne, you may have just set yourself up to be publicly insulted, yet again, by the hip hop critic.

“The Rejected Stone,” will be released on October 8th through Cash Money Content publishing company. Money talks and Sharpton’s marketing stint spoke levels to Wayne and Birdman with this next project.

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