I thought it was interesting and then I though tit was weird and then I got angry because of the language on the Twitter feed. I was like ‘Who do you think you’re talking to?’

Despite the love songs on the CD, Arie is currently advocating self-love, saying that she wishes there were more options. Her last relationship, which was covered on her last two CD’s is over, but she hopes to find love again with the right person.

“He was the right person for that time,” she says.

Although fame has afforded her many advantages, the formerly shy, quiet child says that it took some getting used to at first.

“It feels better now because I understand better now the kind of love that I receive. In the beginning everybody was always talking to me all the time and it was like OK, that’s cool but I didn’t know what it was. Now, being able to take long breaks between albums and come back and be received, being super received this time, it feels good. I feel blessed to be able to do what I love to do and have it working in the commercial sense. It’s amazing.”

Watch India.Arie’s In-Studio Jam here: 

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