TAMPA, Fla. (AP) – A Tampa man has been charged with animal cruelty after police say he strangled a family dog, then cut up its body parts and stored it in the freezer for future meals.

A police statement says 25-year-old Elliot Huggins was arrested Friday morning on the animal cruelty charge. It was not immediately clear if he has an attorney and there wasn’t a working phone number listed for Huggins.

Police say once Huggins strangled the young dog, he cut it up into quarters and stored it in the freezer for future meals. A family member called police late Thursday and when officers arrived, they found the dog’s ribs cooked in a pot on the stove. The dog’s head was in the garbage.

Animal control removed the remains of the dog.

(Photo: AP)

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5 thoughts on “Florida Man Arrested After Killing and Eating Dog

  1. We live in America – he killed someone’s family dog or better yet a member of someone else’s family with his bare hands, butchered it, and then cooked him on the stove. This guy has no right to kill someone else’s pet and do this regardless. Was he too poor to afford a .99 hamburger from McDonald’s? If I was the pet’s owner I would demand jail time and some psychiatric evaluation, what’s next when he gets out – humans??

  2. Not that I would or condone what this man has done but if he was that hungry and had no other resources at his disposal why not? Dogs eat humans all the time. There is an article up right now where a dog ate his owners testicle. Dogs are eaten in other countries just like cows. Who decides what animal is edible anyway? I don’t think he should serve jail time for it.

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